Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Handicapped and Disabled Children Association of Klang

Last Sunday morning, 1st of May,2011, which is Labour Day Public Holiday, we all had a date. To come together to do something meaningful, to spread some love, have some fun and at the same time, bringing about a touch of compassion to the hearts of our children. It was a Charity Drive.

We headed to the Handicapped and Disabled Children Association of Klang, near Kampung Raja Uda, Port Klang. A home that currently houses 76 less fortunate children and teenagers who suffered from down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autistic, vision, speech and hearing impaired and more...

During this Charity Drive which was planned immediately after Chinese New Year in February, we have successfully helped in providing a more comfortable living for the children in this home as we could now see them enjoying brand new wardrobes for both the boys and girls dormitories, a TV set, a DVD player and a refrigerator. With the funds raised, we also managed to replace the worn-out shoe rack doors and repaired some cabinet doors, amongst others.

We all have a common belief that the money we raised are to be utilised on items that can benefit the children directly. It was beyond words to see the beaming faces when they showed us how tidy the clothing were arranged inside the cupboards. The cheers and joy on children faces crowding around the A&W mascot and clown on this occasional birthday bash was all we wanted to see.

My husband and myself are counting our blessings to have a bunch of enthusiastic friends and family members who are always passionate in lending a helping hand to the needy. They make no qualms in all the arrangements we made and seek no rewards in their giving. This is the true spirit of charity. This is the way forward. We salute you.

24 cars gathered at Sg.Rasau Toll, many had even arrived before 10am!

The convoy

Taking this chance to introduce our new friends who joined us after reading this blog is the Ong family (Mr Ong is the second from left seen here holding a box filled with their donated items while talking to his wife Wendy with two boys standing beside her.
They have had a great time spending with the children and Wendy was telling me that they plan to visit this home again coming Saturday with their eldest son who missed this session. I am proud of you and your family, Wendy. Keep up the Godly work!

Just received this picture courtesy of Wendy and she has informed me of their family visit today, 7/5/2011 which was yet another touching experience. Children at the home are getting fast attached to their company and wouldn't want to let them go. Wendy and her husband, Mr Ong have made more donation this time, and will fulfill some of their requests in the near future. You guys are great and the world need people like you to make it a better place. God Bless you all.

Have fun while doing good deeds, that's the spirit!

Mr Yap KC & Family out in full force

My nephew, Yap Liang aka Mr Cool with Shelly

Mr C.Y. Chan and Ms P.S. Goh

Mr Chan YH, our dashing photographer

Kenneth Bong & his gal

Did you see those golden hearts?

A sight to behold...marching on to give

The OldTown White Coffee nasi lemak, yummy ...thank you sponsors, not that we don't love you but we love the nasi lemak more...:))

The crowd enjoying the dance performance by the children

The home's President, Mr Murgan is giving Welcome Speech

Mr Ngo, our spiritual leader giving a thank you speech

My eldest brother, Yap Yin Hoong a fulltime supporter!

All families here share the same passion...to help

The crowd listening attentively to Mr Murgan, the Home's President

The men behind the scene, thank you guys

The children dancing away with the music

Ah Hong, Ah Hong, our favorite child, saw him since he was 3 months old, with holes in heart and bone cancer, such a wonderful feeling to see him dancing away now

Our new kids "from the blog"- Ms Synndy and her friends came joined us after reading the earlier posts from this blog. Bravo guys, do come back next round ya

Mr Murgan receiving a cash donation from Ms YC Chan

Mr Murgan receiving a cash donation from Mdm Ooi Ki Chung

Mr Ngo handing over a cheque donation to Mr Murgan on behalf of our group amounting to RM1,300.00

Ms Tai SY having fun with the children

Thanks for the present, Valerie

Happy Birthday to you ....

Some of the children who can't join in the fun, but they were not neglected

Is team work time...let's help

Our Chow Sifu, an all time Samaritan who never say no to help

To bring them cheers, you must first smile from the heart, I saw it here, Amy

A caring Mr Chan Yong Houng is playing with the kiddo inside the living hall

The DVD Player

The Fridge
The Old Wardrobe (For comparison)

The new wardrobe at the Girls' Domitory

Worn out doors repaired

The TV set

The boys' wardrobe

The new shoe rack doors

The old worn out shoe rack doors (For comparison)

The force behind us who help made the day

Mdm Ooi, never miss a chance to do charity
Yong Chee Kien and Bor Ngee Wha

Tai SY with Ah Hong

Daniel & Yap Yang, with Yap Hang merajuk at the back

This little macho never let go of the trumpet from the moment he got it from Valerie

Lam Chee Kong & Family

Alvyna is asking her dad for a balloon sculpture...

The A&W team
Thank you for a job welldone!


A week ago, we started ordering this Thank You gift from
The Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled
Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled
No. 29, Jalan SS 2/59, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 603-78736579, 603-78758609
Fax: 603-78762686

They are eco enzyme, which is effective agents for house hold cleaning
We thought of stretching our money a little by supporting them and yet achieving another aim of saying thank you to our friends

This 500ml type cost RM5 per bottle

Their little "factory" at SS2, Petaling Jaya

Value add by our little miss...seen here busy doing the artwork she likes most

Finally after three days of hard work...hope all the uncle aunties will like them

Contribution List

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