Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram

Went to this home today, almost four years after my last visit to deliver some fresh fruits contributed by my company.

Was surprised to see some children lying around the living hall and one of the caretakers, Ms Kalai came and approached me.  She warmly took over the fruits and waited for me to finish taking photographs and then humbly requested for my help to address an urgent matter.

She explained the reason those children did not attend school was due to the three transportation vans' insurance cover and road tax have all expired and not renewed. And they are desperately looking for money to overcome this problem so that the home and the children can get back to their normal routine of attending school daily.

The total amount to pay for all the road tax and insurance is RM2,884.00

I was definitely sadden by this and promised her that I will do something to help.

If you are reading this blogpost, I hope that you can lend these children a big helping hand by making contribution of any amount to the home. It is not a hefty amount and am confident that the children can eventually get back to school in no time.

You may donate to their Bank Simpanan Nasional Berhad (BSN) account with the following details :


The person in charge is : Mr Praveendran
Contact No: 016-9046358

He is praying everyday for some good samaritans to come and safe the kids from being absent from school. "Education is my priority, and it is the last thing to see them not going to school." Praveen was telling me over the tele-conversation just now and can't thank you enough for raising this matter over here.

Your generosity in helping this home to overcome their financial woes will be greatly appreciated. 

God bless you!