Sunday, 25 January 2009


To everyone who celebrate Chinese New Year, I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Chinese New Year and may the year of Earth Ox brings peace on earth and showers you with good health, prosperity, longevity and happiness. Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Thursday, 22 January 2009

我對佛說... (I said to the Buddha …)

(I said to the Buddha : Please let all of my friends to be healthy and happy forever.)

(Buddha said: OK, buy only 4 days)

(I said: OK, Spring days, Summer days, Autumn days and Winter days)

(Buddha said: Oh, no not that kind of days … 3 single days)

( I said: OK, yesterday , today and the day after tomorrow)

(Buddha said: No, too much, only 2 single days)

(I said: OK, bright day time and dark day time)

(Buddha said: No, only one single day)

(I said: OK , let me think…~ ! )

(Buddha is becoming sort of confused and asked: Which day?)

我說:在我所有朋友活著的每一天 ~! ?
(I said: Every single day as long as they are able to breath)

(Buddha start laughing… said: Well, I allow all of your friends to be healthy and happy everyday)

(Wishing all of you a healthy and happy every single day for the 2009.)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram

Went to Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram today with Vivian and Aaron; her college mate from Mission College, Thailand.

The trip was to deliver the donations raised by Brenda Ang (Baby Sasha N Mom) and her friends and also to find out more about the home and its current state of development.

First of all, bravo to Brenda who tirelessly went round to collect three bags full of useable household items, clothing and toys and also collected cash donations that came up to a total of RM800.00. I would say this is a great result of two weeks of effort. We did exchange some of our experiences and “hard time stories” speaking of fund raising and charity work. All in all, we have concluded that it is fulfilling to be able to help the needy. We will meet again Brenda, right?

Back to Sinthamani Home. Had a very good chat with Thila, one of the caretakers in the absent of Praveendran. She related to me how they had suffered on those days seeking help in vain and those pleas fell into deaf ears as compared to now the assistance came pouring in ever since the emails started circulating around. They have been receiving visitors with loads of donations and volunteers who came to provide help. This is the Power of INTERNET!

Most importantly was that the MIC has come in to offer the re-building of the home with proper planning and structures. In another six months time, they will have a place planned with dormitories, halls that provide space for study, dining, library and computers.

With a properly constructed home, they will then be able to obtain certification from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat to run a full fledged orphanage.

Thila pleaded for more help to equip the home upon completion of the building which is targeted in six months’ time. We will definitely come back again. Stay tune folks…

Cousin to Praveendran, Pugeneswaran seen feeding little 2 months old Niveetha Sri

Volunteers of the day, Vivian and Aaron

Sweet mother and child, Brenda and Sasha

Little Myra was sleeping in the room.

(Blessed are those who give, Thank You so much Brenda!)

In the girls dorm

One of our future leaders could be from here

On behalf of Brenda and friends

The computers came in from kind donors recently

They are little more equipped now with books

The only toilet that serves 47 people daily while waiting for re-construction of the new ones

A kind Samaritan sent in a Container providing room for children to study

Groceries came in that can last for a while

A banner made for Praveendran by some senior boys

Aaron was our translator of the day

Pathma was the cuttest of all!

You will be greeted by this signboard at the main road leading into the long house

One for the album. Thila is seated on the right

Children studying in the container room

Names of Brenda's friends who contributed. Million Thanks!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Rumah Kebajikan Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram

I have the following link which is self explanatory:

It goes to show that the general Malaysians are the caring lots, come rain or shine, we will weather through. Syabas, my fellow countrymen!!

Special mention to
Baby Sasha & Mom for your kind support. We certainly need you in the near future. Cheers! For those who support this charity drive, please do visit her blog to support and donate.

For those who wish to visit in person, the sketched map courtesy of Mr
Kanagarajah Navaneethabalakrishnan maybe of help.

Otherwise, please click here.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

"I Rather Be Your Dog, Son"

Many times after visiting old folks home, I can't seem to get over the feeling of this, a mother can raise 10 children single-handedly, but 10 children cannot take care of a mother during her golden years.

On numerous occasions during the visits, old ladies tend to boast about their children's career achievement and family. Counting with their fingers the number of children and grandchildren they have back home. They are oblivious to my facial expression which signaling "then how come you are here?"

Some of the "paying old folks" (those who pays the centre) felt superior being there because their children are paying the centre for their living as compared to those who are poor and homeless (those who do not pay). Perhaps the former feels that they are the "luckier" ones...sigh!

I have recently come across this real life story.

This old mother was being scolded by a young lady in the wet market for accidentally dirtying her cloth. "You, such a Bitch!" scolded the young lady. She was neither hurt nor anguished by the remark, simply because she was literally hoping to be "the dog" to his son. The letter below explains:

Letter to My Son

Son, one day, when your pet dog fell sick, you and your wife were frantically looking for a vet.

You fed him glucose, vitamins and supplements with such tender loving care.

You will curse on anyone who kills a dog, saying that a dog is like a living human too. A dog too has got to be treated like a human being.

Yes, I strongly agree with you.

But son, you've got to remember this, a dog will give birth to its children too. I hope that when you come to this situation, you will be reminded of your forgotten conscience.

Your dad had an asthma attack recently, mom could no longer carry him. It was the neighbour who came to our aid in the middle of the night to carry him to his bed.

Our roof can no longer protect us , we are living in fear whenever it rains.

It was many months ago since we last heard your voice over the phone.

How mom wished to be your pet dog, to be at your side for an evening stroll.

It would certainly be a picture of happiness seeing him wagging his tail with his proud owner.

How mom wished to be your pet dog, eating quality food and sleeping in a warm dog house with nice outfit to wear.

Son, when are you coming back to take us for a walk?