Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tribute to my daughter's idol

Gone but not forgotten.
Michael Jackson
For all the good deeds you have done for the children
I pray that your soul

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram - Update 1

Mr Thiagu was fast enough to call me right after I have posted the previous reporting.

He said if it is possible, please help him source for people to donate the electrical wiring and fittings, i.e. switches and lighting for the boys' dorm.

Being a certified electrician himself, he estimated the total cost for the boys dorm to around RM3,000 for the minimum works.

Since we were having dinner with my in-laws, my hubby had conveniently asked his sister, Sook Yee, for help. Without much inquiring of the ashram, she phoned her friend, and within seconds, she came to us with a cheque of RM4,000.00. It was RM3,000.00 from her buddy, Mr Gan Hai Toh of Utusan Mewah Sdn Bhd and RM1,000.00 from herself. She was confident that Mr Gan would help as he often visits orphanage with his family. A subscriber in bringing up the children with love and care.

This post is specially dedicated to both of them for the great help extended and on behalf of the boys and girls at Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram, I thank you so much for the kind contributions and wishing you both best of health and prosperity always.

As for the purchase of electrical materials, Mr Thiagu will obtain a quotation from his supplier and we will carry out an evaluation to ensure price and quality reasonableness.

Do come back to check again on the next update posting.

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram - Follow Up Visit

This posting is a continuation chapter to our previous visit to Padmasambhava Children Loving Association. Please read here for our previous visit.

With the surplus cash donations, our group of kind donors decided unanimously to channel the fund to Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram to help them rebuilt their home.

To all my friends and relatives who gave, you have performed Lord Buddha's teaching by virtue performing in a very fruitful way. Because, in Buddha's teaching, “When we bring happiness to others, we will be reciprocated. But, in this case, I am sure reciprocity does not exist, am I right?

Our close friend aka Spiritual Leader to our charity projects, Mr Ngo Chong Let helped order the construction materials and coordinated the delivery to Sinthamani.

He also made a further donation to round up the balance sum to RM2,150.00. Of which we have managed to donate the followings:

1. Rough sand => 2 lorry loads of 10 ton type
2. Fine sand => 2 lorry loads of 10 ton type
3. Cement => 50 bags

A special thank you also to Mr Ngo's Main Contractor, Mr Mike Wong from RDS Bina Sdn Bhd, who contributed RM200.00 by giving a discount of the same amount for the sands supplied so that we could buy more bags of cement.

Thiagu, cousin to Praveendran was at hand to receive us this morning.

Brought along with us were the children items donated by Brenda Ang, my kind hearted blogger friend, who runs her online baby products business. Apart from giving her close to new baby items, she also made a cheque donation of RM100.00 which I have forwarded to Thiagu on her behalf.

Judging from the onset situation today, there are pretty much more to be done to complete this home's restoration work.

They would need another 200 packets of cement, Rough Sand and Fine Sand to finish the wall and ground leveling work. Also, to pay the salary of the construction workers estimated at RM16,000.00.

On behalf of Sinthamani, I urge everyone, including you, who care about the welfare of our little fellow citizen living in such a deplorable and heartbreaking condition, come forward to do something to help. Your kind action, either to donate a packet of cement or to donate a Ringgit to make up the salary of the construction workers, will make a difference in their lives. I pray for your compassion and giving, and in return, bring double blessing, health and happiness to you and your family.

Please call the following persons in-charge for the updates of Sinthamani:
1. Praveendran : 016-9046358 2. Thiagu : 016-9216358 3. Thila : 017-6108070

Brenda's donation

Notice the container located at the background? It is a temporary shelter for the boys now

With Mr Ngo's business networking, he managed to buy the cement at RM15.00 per bag

Work immediately commenced the moment materials arrived

Did you notice the new roofing? It was from two kind samaritans, Mr Param of Batu Caves who sponsored the quality roofing and Mr Raj of Damansara sponsored the timber. Both these materials cost around RM28,000. 00. Bravo guys! (Information from Thiagu.)

Work in Progress inside boy's dorm

This is the only orphanage that I have visited which emphasised so much on education. Because I never fail to see them studying. Mr Selvarajah, the home warden who care for the children and teaching them at the same time.

Children helped unload the stuff from my car
Did you notice they are barefooted?
Valerie said" Mummy why aren't they wearing any shoes? I want to buy them 5 pairs!"
Bringing her along is to share with her the joy of giving.

Brenda, it is your cheque that Thiagu is receiving

Two acknowledgments for record purpose

Monday, 22 June 2009


It was an afternoon party that saw children beaming and overjoyed by the presents given out from the A&W Root Bear.

JoJo the clown made a wonderful appearance. With his witty jokes and lovely shaped balloons, children can't seem to get enough of him.

The place was a little over crowded when our "contingent" comprises of 27 Adults and 7 children jammed in. Giving away the prizes inside the prayer hall needed a little bit of coordination. But seeing the children happily collecting their gifts, there was a sense of "fulfilling feeling" inside us.

This posting is to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped out and made donations in making this charity drive a success:

Donation List:

1. Amy Lee - RM40.00 - 1 bottle of cooking oil+ 1 packet of biscuit + 1 packet of sugar
2. Amy Ling and family - RM200.00
3. Bor Ngee Wha and family - RM300.00
4. Brenda Ang and family - RM100.00
5. Chan Hing Kit - RM300.00
6. Chan Wai See - RM30.00
7. Chan Yoong Houng and family - RM500.00
8. Chin Ai Lian - RM100.00
9. Cindy Chow Chooi Loi - RM50.00 & Ng Kee Swee - RM100.00 - 4kg birthday cake
10. Daniel Teh - RM20.00
11. David Toh and family - RM300.00
12. Doris Chow and family - RM100.00
13. Irene Kon - RM200.00
14. Kenneth Lau and family - RM200.00
15. Marcus Lew and family - RM300.00
16. Mrs Chow and family - RM200.00
17. Ng Kee Swee, Ng Hiong Lan, Hwang Kee Hong & Hwang Kee Oon - RM400.00 - 100 packets of nasi lemak + groceries
18. Ngo C L and family - RM300.00
19. Ooi Kee Chung - RM30.00
20. Steven Kok and family - RM300.00
21. Tai KL and family - RM500.00
22. Tan Siew Chin - RM20.00
23. Vivian & Villi Geow - RM250.00 - Token gifts to participants
24. Voon SW and family - RM300.00
25. Yap KC and family - RM300.00
26. Yap Mee Ree and family - RM200.00
27. Yap Hang & Yap Liang - RM52.50 - Fighting fish
28. Yap Yin Hong and family - RM250.00
29. Yap Yin Hoong and family - RM100.00
30. Yong Chee Kin - RM300.00
Total : RM6,302.50

Minus the overall expenses for the purchase of gifts and party spendings (Pls see file attached), we also donated RM500.00 cash to the Padmasambhava Children Loving Association.

With the understanding and consensus by our donors, the balance sum of RM2,014.61 will be used to order construction materials and deliver to Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram. ~ Please stay tuned for the updates.

Sifu Ani was giving a welcoming briefing

Mr Ngo Chong Let presenting the cheque donation of RM500 on behalf of our group with Mdm Malar, a single mother looking on

Children lining up for their turn to receive gifts

Mr Yap Yin Hoong and Mdm Yap Mee Ree helping out in putting on watches for the kiddos

Now listen, uncle JoJo wants you to pick a partner

Are you ready for the dance?

These smiles, priceless

Clap clap clap your hands

Si Young Gadis camera shy...

Karin with junior Alvina is forever helpful and ready to do whatever, just name it, ya Karin?

Nasi Lemak from the Hwang sisters, Thank You so much!

Can't get enough of Uncle JoJo

Meng Meng and Yuki were very sporting and they joined in most of the games with mummy Connie cheering on

Sifu Ani : "now with your name on it, don't have to worry it goes missing"
Fighting fish courtesy of Yap Hang and Yap Liang

The three Yap brothers sitting behind cheering for the kids (Handsome le...hahaha, if you like the one with a JUST t-shirt, he is taken...eh Yap Yang, Just kiddding... )

Uncle JoJo is picking up the lucky winner

Mrs Chow singing "Two Little Tigers" to the kids

At Padmasambhava, we are brothers and sisters

A jolly good time with daddy...Alvyna was in the third year visiting homes with us, credit to the parents indeed to inculcate compassion and love at this tender age
Veon with Mum-in-law who was so kind to cook for us the delicious Nasi Lemak

Little Ah Hoong with mummy Veon also into the third year with us visiting the needy

Our spiritual leader, Mr Ngo Chong Let and his priced possessions, Chi Chao and Xing Ying

They never say no to Charity, Steven and Connie

A golden couple with hearts of Gold

Nemo Cake courtesy of Ng Kee Swee and Cindy Chow

Last but not least, the Princesses of Brenda, little Sasha and Myra who donated not only money but loads of children wears. Thanks for your kind support Brenda

The Final Accounts ~ A Big Thank You to ALL!

Friday, 19 June 2009

A Mother's Appeal

QUOTE: "I think I should share my story and what happened in my life since past few months to you all who as parent, going to be parent or will be parent in future.

My daughter kai xin has prolonged jaundice. When she is 3 months plus old, went for blood test and detected that she has biliary atresia, bile flow from the liver to the gallbladder is blocked. Doc told us that she has to immediately go for operation else her liver will be failure. We was informed that the best time to operate is six weeks after birth. However, when my daughter went for the operation she was 110 days age which means the success of the procedure is poor. Before the operations, the Doc told us that if she detected in later which is 4 -5 months age, they wouldn't advice or proceed for operations because the liver already failure. Doc also told us that if the operation completed within an hour, that means they can't proceed the procedure meanings her liver has failure. Although we are late, we cannot give out any chances to safe her life. So, she went for major operation known as kasai procedure in sunway medical center in Feb. We went thru very hard time and pray hard especially waiting outside of the operation room. The 1st hour is terrible to pass because we hope that the operation can be proceeding. God blessing the surgeon can proceed the operation for my daughter which took 3-4 hr. After the procedure, my daughter was in CCU one night and then change to normal wad after 24 hrs and stayed in the hospital for 9 days. Although we are very tired but most important and luckily the surgeon still can continue the kasai procedure for her to safe her.
After the operations, her motions slowly change from pile color to light yellow. Her jaundice still there. We went for follow up check up every week. However, the improvement is slow and Doc told us that if after two months from the operation, her jaundice still yet disappears and motion color not consistent with normal color meaning not good. We can't just wait until the second month check up again for the result. Eric's colleague suggests seeking for 2nd opinion and her relative who is Prof in HUKM has introduced a Prof of Paediatrics Gasteroenterology/ Hepatology and Nutrition in UM to us. It is not easy to meet up those Prof especially in UH without appointment. Thanks god, Eric managed to find a contact number via internet and 1st time call managed to talk to the Prof Lee via phone. He advised to bring my daughter medical history to meet him. When Eric 1st visit to UH, the queue is so long and have to wait 40+ number only will be his turn. Eric talks to the nurses that just want to meet up with the Prof for while as the Prof asked him to see him. End up the nurse as him to sit at somewhere where the Prof will bypass. Luckily Eric had seen his picture on internet then can recognized him and approached him. The Prof Lee is very nice and sits down listen to Eric regarding my daughter’s condition. Finally, we managed to make our 1st visit to Prof Lee in UMSC is 6 weeks after her operation. Upon examination, she still has moderate jaundice and her stools remained pale. Her liver was enlarged. Doc told us that not to give out as there are babies with biliary atresia can be recovered with strong nutrition and advice us not to discuss about liver transplant at this moment. When we heard that still got chance to recover, we are so happy. She has not been gaining weight properly after the surgery. Therefore, Prof has introduced her to apply vitamin supplements vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin E, UDC, MCT Oil, a special die formula (Alimentum from Abbott) which taste is terrible for my daughter as this is the best formula which can help her absorb easily. This formula is not easy to find and limited, only available on selected Jusco. We have hard time to feed her because the taste is not nice. Subsequently, we brought kai xin for check up weekly at UMSC. Her weight slowly has gained compared to previous and little improvement on her jaundice. The Prof Lee is the best doctor that I never seen before. He provided us many advice and spirit support. We can contact him anytime as and when we has any quiry.

Unfortunately, kai xin was admitted to UMSC hospital on April 21 for an episode of high fever for 8 days due to infection on her liver. Based on ultrasound, she is showing features of liver cirrhosis with minimal ascites. That means she is showing signs of liver failure. Liver transplant is required to save her. Baby with biliary atresia who has an unsuccessful kasai operation usually die of liver cirrhosis or complication at median age of 15 months. Therefore, kai xin needs an urgent assessment for suitability for liver transplant.

The only available liver transplant service available in Malaysia is at selayang hospital and usually will only accept children with body weight of 10 kg. However, kai xin is highly unlikely to achieve that kind of weight to enable her to be listed for liver transplant. Another hospital that can be considered is National University Hospital at SG. The liver transplant team comprised of highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team. Most important they generally accept baby who need liver transplant with weight 8kg. In order for her to gain weight adequately, Prof has introduced nocturnal feeding via nasagastric tube. We have to feed her every 3 hours using the NG tube as she started ill to drink milk. She must gain weight then only can go for the liver transplant.

We had decided to go to NUH for the liver transplant although the cost is very high about SGD 200K. Liver transplant is the only option for her to survive. We contacted and liver transplant coordinator in NUH and make appointment with them. We had visited to NUH on last week. We met up with the Dietitian, Liver coordinator, Hepatology specialist and Surgeon at NUH within half day. They are very professional and performed the first time clinical check up for my daughter. The pre-assessment for liver transplant is required to be arrange as soon as possible for my daughter and me or Eric who to be the suitable donor for kai xin. We have arranged to go to NUH for pre-assessment which required 1 week admission in hospital on early june 2009.

Unluckily, she sudden has fever again on last Friday and admitted to hospital again. Based on latest blood test result, her bilirubin has increase again. Her stomach getting bigger and bigger from day to day. We are very worry on her. She needs to stay at hospital a week to clear the infection. We hope she can recover from infection soon then we can make it for the next week pre-assessment in NUH. Else, we have to reschedule to another week to SG. Nothing to gain while waiting. The risk for her is variable and increasing.

As parent, we hope ourselves suffer rather than she suffer. She is a fighter. Since birth until now, she has been performed many rounds blood tests, She is a baby girl likes to talk and smile. She brings happiness to us. Liver transplant is a big challenge and long journey we need to go thru with her. We pray hard for her. We really hope she can be healthy baby/kid like others. No matter how tough we had went through and need to go thru in future, we strongly believe she can overcome this.

Friends, please pray for my daughter. She need wishes and lucks from many people. Many many thanks and much appreciated from my family" UNQUOTE
Huey JIng & Eric

For follow-up of Kai Xin's latest development, kindly visit here.

Dear fellow readers,

A fund has been set-up for Kai Xin with the following bank account details. For those who are keen, kindly deposit your donations in favour of:

Name: Loke Kai Xin
Maybank Berhad A/C No.: 1-14013-213313

Note: If you are transferring via ATM or Maybank2u, you will see the name Lee Huey Jing appearing for confirmation instead.

Thank you for your kind donations.