Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram - Update 1

Mr Thiagu was fast enough to call me right after I have posted the previous reporting.

He said if it is possible, please help him source for people to donate the electrical wiring and fittings, i.e. switches and lighting for the boys' dorm.

Being a certified electrician himself, he estimated the total cost for the boys dorm to around RM3,000 for the minimum works.

Since we were having dinner with my in-laws, my hubby had conveniently asked his sister, Sook Yee, for help. Without much inquiring of the ashram, she phoned her friend, and within seconds, she came to us with a cheque of RM4,000.00. It was RM3,000.00 from her buddy, Mr Gan Hai Toh of Utusan Mewah Sdn Bhd and RM1,000.00 from herself. She was confident that Mr Gan would help as he often visits orphanage with his family. A subscriber in bringing up the children with love and care.

This post is specially dedicated to both of them for the great help extended and on behalf of the boys and girls at Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram, I thank you so much for the kind contributions and wishing you both best of health and prosperity always.

As for the purchase of electrical materials, Mr Thiagu will obtain a quotation from his supplier and we will carry out an evaluation to ensure price and quality reasonableness.

Do come back to check again on the next update posting.

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