Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A recci trip to Padmasambhava Children Loving Association

Arrived at the Home with June, my sis-in-law on a hot and hazy afternoon.

Saw Sifu Ani was talking on the phone and we decided to walk around ourselves. Caught up with some kids doing homework at another corner of the Home. They were actually busy jotting the Metta Chant on a piece of paper. This was one of their routines as explained by Sifu Ani who joined us later after finishing her teleconversation.

The 31 children at Padmasambhava, who are mainly from single mothers take turns to join her to attend home visiting most of the times and to see for themselves that they are the luckier lots as compared to some other less fortunates who are in dire needs with no consistent food and basic amenities.

Padmasambhava is a place that provides shelter to single mothers and orphans. They have recently rented another house nearby and turn it into an old folks home. Currently there is only one old folk with two others joining in soon. The home needs partitions urgently to provide privacy for the aged. Please donate yours should you have some extras.

According to Sifu Ani, the home also make three times a month rice and groceries donations to the needy, especially to the single mothers who will come by to collect, of which, we witnessed the preparations this afternoon.

There are items needed at the home written in Chinese Language on a board which I have translated for readers who wish to help out. Pls refer to the pictures posted below.

Coming back to our planned visit this coming 21st June 2009.

We have todate, received RM4,100.00 cash donations from our friends and relatives. As we are now experiencing difficult times in this economic downturn, your overwhelming response in sending in your donations is a testimonial of your compassion and kindness. I truly cherish your generosity and thank you on behalf of the children of Padmasambhava Children Loving Association.

As we have another 10 days to the visit, I hope that more people can come and join us for a good cause and most importantly, have some good fun with the children.

A fund-raising dinner is being arranged on 1 Aug 2009 at Golden Dragon Restaurant, Jalan Kapar. Please support them by buying a ticket valued at RM50 and you will be entertained by some of the winners of Astro Talent Quest.

June has bought a table. Sifu Ani and some kids were looking on while she prepares the cheque

These are the pre-packed rice and groceries to be distributed to single mothers who will come later today to collect from Padmasambhava. Seen here are the boys helping out, without being told...sigh...(you know what I mean!)

Needed : Hair Shampoo, wardrobe, adult and children pampers, Dutch Lady milk powder 123, 456, adult milk powder, can food (sardin, baked beans, can milk, minced meat) Meehoon, cooking flour, dried noodles, cooking oil.
For the old folks home, they need: 3 partitions, a threadmill, 5 single beds

Another board with the message pleading for financial help to support two bright children of two single mothers who were accepted enrollment into the local universities. They need RM300 per month for each child. Please contact Sifu Ani if you have someone who wish to help. What about some corporate bodies? If you are reading this message from the office, kindly forward to your bosses, who knows some positive outcome may just happen?

A preliminary accounts, names of donors and how we spend the money.
Bravo guys!

IMPORTANT CONTACT NO: SIFU ANI: 016-3864723/ 03-32907584

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