Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram - Follow Up Visit

This posting is a continuation chapter to our previous visit to Padmasambhava Children Loving Association. Please read here for our previous visit.

With the surplus cash donations, our group of kind donors decided unanimously to channel the fund to Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram to help them rebuilt their home.

To all my friends and relatives who gave, you have performed Lord Buddha's teaching by virtue performing in a very fruitful way. Because, in Buddha's teaching, “When we bring happiness to others, we will be reciprocated. But, in this case, I am sure reciprocity does not exist, am I right?

Our close friend aka Spiritual Leader to our charity projects, Mr Ngo Chong Let helped order the construction materials and coordinated the delivery to Sinthamani.

He also made a further donation to round up the balance sum to RM2,150.00. Of which we have managed to donate the followings:

1. Rough sand => 2 lorry loads of 10 ton type
2. Fine sand => 2 lorry loads of 10 ton type
3. Cement => 50 bags

A special thank you also to Mr Ngo's Main Contractor, Mr Mike Wong from RDS Bina Sdn Bhd, who contributed RM200.00 by giving a discount of the same amount for the sands supplied so that we could buy more bags of cement.

Thiagu, cousin to Praveendran was at hand to receive us this morning.

Brought along with us were the children items donated by Brenda Ang, my kind hearted blogger friend, who runs her online baby products business. Apart from giving her close to new baby items, she also made a cheque donation of RM100.00 which I have forwarded to Thiagu on her behalf.

Judging from the onset situation today, there are pretty much more to be done to complete this home's restoration work.

They would need another 200 packets of cement, Rough Sand and Fine Sand to finish the wall and ground leveling work. Also, to pay the salary of the construction workers estimated at RM16,000.00.

On behalf of Sinthamani, I urge everyone, including you, who care about the welfare of our little fellow citizen living in such a deplorable and heartbreaking condition, come forward to do something to help. Your kind action, either to donate a packet of cement or to donate a Ringgit to make up the salary of the construction workers, will make a difference in their lives. I pray for your compassion and giving, and in return, bring double blessing, health and happiness to you and your family.

Please call the following persons in-charge for the updates of Sinthamani:
1. Praveendran : 016-9046358 2. Thiagu : 016-9216358 3. Thila : 017-6108070

Brenda's donation

Notice the container located at the background? It is a temporary shelter for the boys now

With Mr Ngo's business networking, he managed to buy the cement at RM15.00 per bag

Work immediately commenced the moment materials arrived

Did you notice the new roofing? It was from two kind samaritans, Mr Param of Batu Caves who sponsored the quality roofing and Mr Raj of Damansara sponsored the timber. Both these materials cost around RM28,000. 00. Bravo guys! (Information from Thiagu.)

Work in Progress inside boy's dorm

This is the only orphanage that I have visited which emphasised so much on education. Because I never fail to see them studying. Mr Selvarajah, the home warden who care for the children and teaching them at the same time.

Children helped unload the stuff from my car
Did you notice they are barefooted?
Valerie said" Mummy why aren't they wearing any shoes? I want to buy them 5 pairs!"
Bringing her along is to share with her the joy of giving.

Brenda, it is your cheque that Thiagu is receiving

Two acknowledgments for record purpose


Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Jenny, you're most welcome. Just a small sum of money and some used n old baby stuff that I hope can help a bit here and there. I really have to say "THANK YOU TO YOU" for all the hassle to collect the things from me and send to Sinthamani Homes.

Swiss Palma said...

Dear Brenda,

It is people like you that help keep this world a better place.

Not to worry, indeed I enjoyed doing what I am doing.