Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Visit to Padmasambhava Children Loving Association

This is a thank you card dedicated to you, my big hearted friends and relatives with loads of appreciation from me. Saying repeated thank yous to all of you will not be sufficient to express my deepest gratitude.

For three weeks of preparation, we have collected an astonishing sum of donation amounting to RM5,866.50, almost effortlessly, and with another 3 more days to go! Your love and care will not only warm the hearts of these orphans but also make this world a better place.

Kindness is the key to inner peace and happiness
The most peaceful and the happiest of all men and women are those who continually look for ways to show love, kindness and affection toward the people around them. Not only are they the most loved and respected by others, but they are also the healthiest and blessed of all human beings. ~ Omar Benidir, ENG., D.Sc.A & Karen Beam, B.A.

The above are the names of all donors with record of expenses as at present

For those who drive there themselves, this is the map. Otherwise, pls wait at the Sg. Rasah Toll Plaza at 10.30am, 21 June 2009

Beautiful towels right? These are games' prizes for the children

Sports Equipment for the kiddos

Backpacks that can be used as school bag or for overnight travelling

Watches one for each child

Personal towel one for each child

These are the contents inside the goodies bag for all donors. A thank you gift from Vivian and Villi

Choose any colour you like...pls take one!

Valerie said she is now big girl already, her baby toys should be given to others, she said

Well, we are all set now, Padmasambhava here we come, let's enjoy our party time folks!

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