Monday, 22 June 2009


It was an afternoon party that saw children beaming and overjoyed by the presents given out from the A&W Root Bear.

JoJo the clown made a wonderful appearance. With his witty jokes and lovely shaped balloons, children can't seem to get enough of him.

The place was a little over crowded when our "contingent" comprises of 27 Adults and 7 children jammed in. Giving away the prizes inside the prayer hall needed a little bit of coordination. But seeing the children happily collecting their gifts, there was a sense of "fulfilling feeling" inside us.

This posting is to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped out and made donations in making this charity drive a success:

Donation List:

1. Amy Lee - RM40.00 - 1 bottle of cooking oil+ 1 packet of biscuit + 1 packet of sugar
2. Amy Ling and family - RM200.00
3. Bor Ngee Wha and family - RM300.00
4. Brenda Ang and family - RM100.00
5. Chan Hing Kit - RM300.00
6. Chan Wai See - RM30.00
7. Chan Yoong Houng and family - RM500.00
8. Chin Ai Lian - RM100.00
9. Cindy Chow Chooi Loi - RM50.00 & Ng Kee Swee - RM100.00 - 4kg birthday cake
10. Daniel Teh - RM20.00
11. David Toh and family - RM300.00
12. Doris Chow and family - RM100.00
13. Irene Kon - RM200.00
14. Kenneth Lau and family - RM200.00
15. Marcus Lew and family - RM300.00
16. Mrs Chow and family - RM200.00
17. Ng Kee Swee, Ng Hiong Lan, Hwang Kee Hong & Hwang Kee Oon - RM400.00 - 100 packets of nasi lemak + groceries
18. Ngo C L and family - RM300.00
19. Ooi Kee Chung - RM30.00
20. Steven Kok and family - RM300.00
21. Tai KL and family - RM500.00
22. Tan Siew Chin - RM20.00
23. Vivian & Villi Geow - RM250.00 - Token gifts to participants
24. Voon SW and family - RM300.00
25. Yap KC and family - RM300.00
26. Yap Mee Ree and family - RM200.00
27. Yap Hang & Yap Liang - RM52.50 - Fighting fish
28. Yap Yin Hong and family - RM250.00
29. Yap Yin Hoong and family - RM100.00
30. Yong Chee Kin - RM300.00
Total : RM6,302.50

Minus the overall expenses for the purchase of gifts and party spendings (Pls see file attached), we also donated RM500.00 cash to the Padmasambhava Children Loving Association.

With the understanding and consensus by our donors, the balance sum of RM2,014.61 will be used to order construction materials and deliver to Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram. ~ Please stay tuned for the updates.

Sifu Ani was giving a welcoming briefing

Mr Ngo Chong Let presenting the cheque donation of RM500 on behalf of our group with Mdm Malar, a single mother looking on

Children lining up for their turn to receive gifts

Mr Yap Yin Hoong and Mdm Yap Mee Ree helping out in putting on watches for the kiddos

Now listen, uncle JoJo wants you to pick a partner

Are you ready for the dance?

These smiles, priceless

Clap clap clap your hands

Si Young Gadis camera shy...

Karin with junior Alvina is forever helpful and ready to do whatever, just name it, ya Karin?

Nasi Lemak from the Hwang sisters, Thank You so much!

Can't get enough of Uncle JoJo

Meng Meng and Yuki were very sporting and they joined in most of the games with mummy Connie cheering on

Sifu Ani : "now with your name on it, don't have to worry it goes missing"
Fighting fish courtesy of Yap Hang and Yap Liang

The three Yap brothers sitting behind cheering for the kids (Handsome le...hahaha, if you like the one with a JUST t-shirt, he is Yap Yang, Just kiddding... )

Uncle JoJo is picking up the lucky winner

Mrs Chow singing "Two Little Tigers" to the kids

At Padmasambhava, we are brothers and sisters

A jolly good time with daddy...Alvyna was in the third year visiting homes with us, credit to the parents indeed to inculcate compassion and love at this tender age
Veon with Mum-in-law who was so kind to cook for us the delicious Nasi Lemak

Little Ah Hoong with mummy Veon also into the third year with us visiting the needy

Our spiritual leader, Mr Ngo Chong Let and his priced possessions, Chi Chao and Xing Ying

They never say no to Charity, Steven and Connie

A golden couple with hearts of Gold

Nemo Cake courtesy of Ng Kee Swee and Cindy Chow

Last but not least, the Princesses of Brenda, little Sasha and Myra who donated not only money but loads of children wears. Thanks for your kind support Brenda

The Final Accounts ~ A Big Thank You to ALL!

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Guru Padmsambhava said...

Good Works are always rewarded. If not this life, surely in next life. May Guru Padmasambhava bless all those who cares for compassion. Keepo up the good work.