Saturday, 21 June 2008


I have a son, and we share the same birth date.
Come June 27 next week, we will be celebrating our 43 and 17 years old together.

Lately we have been having a lot of disagreements.
I found him skipping tuition classes. That made me very sad.
He ate out a lot during tuition break. And that furious me. Cause he falls sick after eating all the murtabak, roti canai and fried rice stuff from the mamak stall.
The nightmare of seeing him lying sick in SJMC after the denggi attack last February is still haunting me.
To me, he has yet to fully recover after the six packets of blood transfusion. He is still not strong physically and he has to face SPM coming November.

I want to put him into a place where he can build up himself from the wrong attitudes in life, like extreme laziness and couldn't be bothered about anything else in life. His life is about facing the computer and playing computer games.

What he has become today is all due to my wrong doings in the past. By having maids around him from small. He doesn't have to lift a finger to do anything. That spoilt him.

I believe character building is more important then anything else after the SPM.

Because I start to get worried everyday of his lfe without me, how can he cope? That is part of the reason why I feel frustrated and disappointed cause I always worried about time is running short...

The last post of mine, "look at our child from a different perspective" was a bull eye to me.
I do not need my son to be a doctor or a lawyer. I just want to make sure that he is healthy enough and keeps a compassionate heart, and most of all, be a responsible man.

Fish has been served on the table for you when you are young. Mama is now teaching you how to fish, son.

And remember, I will always love you. In my eyes, you are a wonderful and charming son. I know you will never fail.

I LOVE YOU, baby

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