Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Today I watched a video introducing Amitabha Centre. I watched it during my treadmill jogging session over the half and hour span. I don't know why suddenly it occurred to me to pick up my Buddhist video collection for something to watch instead of one of those Hollywood movies. And Amitabha came right into my sight the moment I flipped thru the album.

My heart was heavy and I can't breath lightly after the run. Not so much of the panting but the images of people suffering, on the beds, on the streets and in the old folks home. Some of them needed dialysis three times a week, and they can hardly put food on the table for the family, not to mention about medical treatment fees. Some of them were abandoned by their children and became beggars on the street and most ended up in the old folks home with children sitting at home. I can't bear to watch the interviews relating their heart wrenching episodes.

I began to worry that in this present economy crisis that has affected almost all walks of life, how do these people continue their livelihoods?

My earlier plan of group visiting to homes was stalled mainly due to the increase in petrol price and the resultant inflation which I'm sure has taken a toll on everyone's livelihood. This may not be the right time to ask people to donate their money while everyone has tightened even their own belts.

On the other hand, I also believe that things can work out on individual basis. I always thank God for having a healthy body and able to provide help to others in small ways.

It is a blessing to be able to give.

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