Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram - Follow up visit 4th August 2009

Went to Sinthamani today, two days after the fans and lightings donated by Mr Gan Hai Toh and Ms Tai Sook Yee were delivered.

Didn't get to meet anyone ( like, Thiagu, Thila, Praveen) in the late afternoon, seems that everyone was out for work. Walked around with Prakash, a Form Five student who is studying at Sek Menengah Raja Abdullah, Kepong. He had spent the last two years in the ashram and is currently the oldest in the house.

Prakash will be completing his SPM this year and he is yearning to pursue a Hotel Management course in the future. During the short break after SPM, Prakash wishes to take up a computer knowledge short course (about three months). He is an average student who scored 2As and 3 Bs in his PMR examination.

He is praying and hoping that a philantrophist will come by to fulfill his academic dream.

Back to the home, things are taking shape and we could see much improvements compared to last month. Thiagu is painting a very positive perspective that works can be completed within weeks to come, but, deep inside me, to be very honest, I was overcome by emotions on my way home.

I care to feel how the children are living under such condition. I noticed feaces inside the drainage, I noticed toilets without flushing system, I noticed wires dangling from the ceiling running across children bunk beds, I noticed children are sleeping in the beds but can look out to the sky above them, with a big hole uncovered, what if it rains? I noticed everything is everywhere.

I feel for the kids, I feel for Prakash. I hope that one day, the kiddos will get to read my message to them in this blog; that I want you to know, however tough life is and however challenging the conditions, you will survive and make something of yourselves.

Poor hygene condition

Fans and Lightings to be fixed very soon

Things are strewn every where, a Gotong Royong is all they need

Brenda, your car seat is immediately put in good use! Remember Niveetha Sri, she is now 6 months old! And the ashram has since added another two month old baby

Work In Progress

Good Samaritan is every where, see the new fridge?

This is the improved version of the cement rendered toilet, minus the flushing and a proper discharge system

Washing machines donated by the caring and loving samaritans

Brenda, you goodies are delivered. Thank you for the kindness, you certainly have got a big heart!

I think this (shoddy electrical works) is not a very good idea, and it posed danger to the boys

Any volunteer care to help out the single mothers here?

The external look, now

Visitors, look out for this new sign outside the entrance before turning into the long houses

This is Prakash, whose wish is to find a sponsor to support his computer studies

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