Monday, 11 January 2010

the Bamboo School

Vivian spent a wonderful trip visiting this Bamboo School with her friend, Sendy from Mexico.

I call this a Mission,
a powerful life experience,
a paradigm shift to the mind and soul
and a Lifetime experience.

that not many will come face this challenge.

the Bamboo School is located in a remote mountain village of BongTi at the border of Thailand and Myanmar. The distance by bus will take 7 hours including stops along the way from Bangkok to Kancanaburi and finally at BongTi.

the Bamboo School serves as a hospital, orphanage and mobile clinic and ambulance services to the unreachable, the Karen Hill Tribe People.

It currently house 63 residents, many of them orphaned, abused, medically challenged, retarded, or refugees. the Bamboo School is managed by a New Zealand missionary teacher, Catherine Riley-Bryan or fondly called Momocat. Please click here for details information pertaining to the history of the Bamboo School.

I am glad that Vivian is able to leave a mark at one point in life, exposing herself to the extreme world of hardcore poverty, see for real a child fighting thru acute medical condition and responding to emergency situation at one of the most remote highlands in the world. Gaining strength, love and compassion and enrich her life thru this basic environment. This is God's Gift, I say.

Share out below are the photos taken during the trip:

The extreme left is the bus that travels from Kancanaburi to BongTi

On the right is Vivian and Sendy from Mexico, both were school mates at the Mission College in Thailand
On the hilly road to BongTi

On arrival

These are the beds for both of them, Vivian said it is so comfortable to sleep on after 7 grueling hours on the road and changing 5 types of public transports to reach the destination

This is Momocat, a nurse by Profession and the caretaker of the Bamboo School.
Salute to her dedication and devotion

This is how it works, back to nature

Volunteers from all over the world coming to give helping hands to Momocat

The baby sleeping on the floor is Beka, her mother walked six days from the border to the Bamboo School to deliver her and left soon after

This girl, Dokmai was found in a dustbin and brought to the Bamboo School

This the hospital side of the Bamboo School

This is the emergency vehicle to send sickly children to the most nearby hospital, it is also a school bus, a transport to pick volunteers from the airport if timing is matched

A place where the elder ones look after the juniors

Little John is blind, deaf and mute, also a celebral palsy boy who half paralysed. His only senses is to feel the surroundings with touches

Mother nature will provide drinking cup, you need not bother to bring one from home

The Seventh Day Adventist Church

Back to the bus stop at Bong Ti

Packed to the brim, travelling back to Bangkok

Exhausted it may be but fulfilling mission accomplished!

Great Job Sendy for taking Vivian to a new horizon!


MiChi said...

Hey....came across your blog, like it very much.

I hope to join your next charity move.

You are doing such a good job here. GanBahTeh!

touchoflove said...

i'm missing the bamboo school and was really happy to see photos esp. the new hospital when I came across your blog. I saw Jesus in that place.