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United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef)

The children need your help, and they need it before it's too late.

This is a dream of Puteri, a 12 year old living with HIV in Malaysia: "I dream of getting cured,"she says.

Puteri was born with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) - a severe viral infection that progressively destroys the immune system. When she was still very young, both of Puteri's parents died of AIDS-related illnesses. She lived with her grandmother in the northern state of Kedah until December 2006, when her declining health required care too specialised and time-consuming for her grandmother, who also had to support Puteri's two teenage sisters.

She then came to live at a special home in Kuala Lumpur for children like her. Children affected by HIV and AIDS. It has been a difficult adjustment for Puteri, who has to take a daily cocktail of pails just to stay alive. She longs for the day she can put the pills behind her and transform her thin frame into one more like a healthy pre-teen.

"I sometimes feel scared and anxious. I don't know why,"says Puteri. "Sometimes I feel said. I missed my parents, I miss my family."

Puteri's story is sad, but unfortunately, it is not unique. By official estimates, at least 1,000 children in Malaysia are living with HIV. Unofficially, the number is much larger.

And this global epidemic is growing. Every hour, 42 children below 15 years get infected with HIV.

Children just like Puteri.

Most of these children have no one to turn to and are bereft of any opportunities to live full and productive lives. This should not be the world in which our children should grow.

It does not have to be this way.

The above was a letter wrote in to us from UNICEF MALAYSIA appealing for help to bring hope and life to children like Puteri.

The letter continues ;

In Malaysia, an average of 5 child abuse cases were reported each day in 2006 according to the Department of Social Welfare. With you help, we can introduce child protection programs that will help prevent violence, exploitation and abuse against children.

Around the world, 25,000 children die each and every day from preventable causes; 1 in 3 before they are even a month old. With your contributions, we can save children's live with immunisation, clean water and even something as simple as mosquito nets to protect them from malaria.
Let us UNITE to put an end to their suffering.

UNICEF is here in Malaysia. We have been here since 1954, working closely with the Malaysian Government to introduce programs that improve children's lives in the areas of health, nutrition, water and sanitation, education and providing services for children in rural and poor urban areas.

Each of these programs is a success because there are people who care and support us. People like YOU. Although UNICEF is a key member of the UNITED NATIONS, we do not receive funds from the UN. We rely entirely on voluntary contributions to change the lives of the world's children.

Your contributions will be placed directly towards improving children's lives through vital programs in Malaysia and around the world.

For example, a contribution of just RM100 can provide vaccines for 60 young children, protecting them from measles, a preventable disease that kills an estimated 1.4 million children every year. RM100 is also all it takes to facilitate youth-friendly education and services to 25 students in Malaysia, helping them to protect themselves against HIV and AIDS.

A donation of RM300 can provide 1,800 sachets of oral re-hydration salts which, when mixed with safe water, can help protect children from life-threatening diarrhea diseases. Or provide educational materials for a class of 28 underprivileged primary school children in remote areas of Malaysia.

These are just some examples of what we can do with your donation, given the chance.

As we remember our own past childhood hopes and dreams, let's ensure our children are not deprived of theirs.

To make a donation, simply fill out the online form at HERE.

Or contact UNICEF MALAYSIA office at:

Wisma UN, Block C, 2nd Floor
Kompleks Pejabat Damansara
Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2095 9154
Fax: +603-2093 0582

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