Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hari Raya Orphanage Visit

We made a trip to visit Rumah Nur Hikmah on the first day of Hari Raya, 30th August, 2011.

Carrying with us, the items requested by the caretaker, Tuan Haji Othman Ahmad comprising of the following:

- 6 tins of Snow Brand baby milk powder for the prematurely born babies - courtesy of Mr Chan Yong Houng & Family
- Groceries comprising of cooking oil, shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste, cookies, chocolates and a football for the boys! - courtesy of Mr Tai & Family

- RM100 from Mr Ngo Chong Let & Family - as duit raya

- RM200 from Ms Vivian Geow - as duit raya

- RM300 from Mr Yap Yin Hong & Family - as cash donation

so we headed towards Kajang on a bright sunny day.

Being pre-empted by the caretaker, Tuan Haji Othman Ahmad, that there will not be many children around as they will be invited to other functions on that very first day or Raya, we thought of just fulfilling our "quest" and went ahead with the trip to make our donation.

We were greeted by some of the single mothers who were relaxing around caring for the babies.

After unloading our gifts, we toured around the home and thereafter my brother, Mr Yap Yin Hon, made the cash donation to the home and we then left the place .... completely oblivious to those DUIT RAYA packets which were left inside my handbag until we reached home.

So, here comes the second donation in a day:

Unable to sit still, I googled the web and found this Muslim Orphanage closest to Subang Jaya...

Woke my husband up from his afternoon slumber, we drove off to an adventurous trip, Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih, A home that took us by surprise, located right next to the Subang Jaya/Puchong neighbourhood...

I must highlight the journey driving into this Kampung Sri Aman, Batu 13, Puchong.

We were truly surprised by the scenic drive along side the river passing by many Kampungs. The feeling was just like entering into a small town somewhere in Melaka, Muar or Kuantan ... seeing the motorbikers and cyclists maneuvering on the narrow, otherwise well tarred road, rendering us a very peaceful feeling. You will not believe that you are just around the Subang Jaya vicinity until you see the municipal signboard erected prominently at the road junctions.

Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih is a home that housed 83 children. It is so clean, tidy and organised. This is a total contrast to most of the homes we have visited.

The caretaker, En. Zawawi came upfront to receive us.

Again, being an absent-minded self, I ignorantly extended my hand to greet him "Selamat Hari Raya"....:(

He politely smiled and waived his hand as a gesture and turned to my husband for a full handshake.

He was most grateful seeing us dropping by and suggested us to have a photograph taken with me handing over the "Green Packet Duit Raya".

Boy, this home has certainly amazed me and I think I will be back to make more support in the near future. You guys can head over to their blog for very exciting news, and support them by buying some of their produce, i.e flowers, vegetable or just drop by to their nursery for a weekend family time...

Before signing off, a BIG Thank You to Mr Yap, Mr Ngo and Mr Chan who made their kind donations, and pray for God to be with you and bless you with good health and happiness to you and your family.