Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Charity Drive 2012 - The Virtue of Giving

Two bus loads of 70 kind and enthusiastic hearts have apparently touched the God up there, that he has blessed us with a sunny day to complete our task of the year, the Charity Drive 2012 to Jenjarom, Banting.

It was a miracle to have the sun shining brightly all day after days of continuous raining. We visited the 2 homes and temple as planned, without much hindrances and hiccups. As the organiser of the event, I couldn't have asked for more. 

Although our final program of the day was a little draggy by the video presentation at Dong Zhen Temple which has delayed us an hour from our scheduled departure time, I trust that everyone have had a meaningful day that brought home memories of their kind deeds and the contended feeling of helping the helpless.

Ultimately, our aim to inculcate compassion and loving kindness to our young ones was achieved as we witnessed them giving Ang Pows and goody bags to the Uncles with full respect.  We believe that by sowing this seed of compassion to our little ones, it will then give them a chance to live in a better world tomorrow.

We thank you once again to each and everyone of you, who have contributed in cash or in kind, to make this event a reality.  We truly treasure your trust and support and will work harder to make it better in the next drive.

Before we conclude this posting, we would like to recapitulate the total contribution sum.  It was on location that we received additional contributions totaling RM1,500 hence increasing our final contribution sum to RM30,295.  This is by far the highest amount that we have collected since we started this drive in 2007.  

We are truly humbled by all of you who are indeed the Samaritans who claimed no names and expect no exposure to the good that you have done, the help you have offered and remained silent from wherever you are.  You are the man behind the scene, bravo my friends!

Here is wishing you best of health and may happiness bestow on you and family always.


Below is the revised list of
Contributors updated @ 11/11/2012


Revised Utilisation of Funds
updated @ 11/11/2012















                     For the families 楞严咒


And little Buddha for all children

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