Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Heart wrenching when you hear this.....

Pastor Jacob told us a very touching true story when asked how did he manage to raise sufficient funds for the day to day expenses of the Home (The Shepherd's Centre is with 103 children and 16 oldfolks. The Home does not receive money on a fix basis from well wishers or government. They need a minimum of RM55K per month to defray overhead and expenses.
The home was running on its reserves in the month of October '06 where Fixed Deposit was uplifted from the bank, sold whatever were sellable, retrenched workers...etc to make ends meet. Eventually, he had to call all the orphans to gather for a prayer and asked for finances from the Almighty. All boys and girls raised their hands to offer prayers, but when Pastor Jacob jokingly said that if the prayer is not answered, then all will get 5 rotans from him. Eventually, only 4 boys raised their hands on the second round; And one 4 year old boy offered himself to come forward to say the prayer. What he uttered was just '' Dear Yesus, my father said we have no finance, pls help us!''. A couple of days later, a foreign woman came walking in and donated cash RM85K in total as she was returning to her homeland. A few more days later, another few kind hearted businessmen came with more cash donations, eventually with the help of others, they have collected a good sum of RM180K. --- This is the power of the Almighty God.

There were more stories of the terminally ill children, who do not know who are their mothers and fathers, but are facing death all alone...
A teenager who is sitting for SPM on the first day was found crying out loud on the roadside, asking where is her mother?
Children who were the victims of rape... and more.

Go see the old folks, some are blinds, some are just too distressed and refused to speak, eating food came from a nearby restaurant's leftovers. Loneliness and lifeless is all over them, the taste of the food is something not that matters anymore...

We chose these homes because they are located in remote places and do not receive help often. We hope to organise these visits twice a year, and looking forward to see you all again and to see more new friends joining in. The more the merrier!

To contact Pastor Jacob:
No:20, Taman Aik Ann
43500 Semenyih
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-87231213
Fax: 03-87234243

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