Saturday, 27 January 2007


We brought along with us school bags, stationeries, towels, the essentials and cash donations to The Buddhist Maha Vihara this morning.

It makes one feel really good when you enter a holy place; the feelings of calmness and peace embrace you the moment you step into the compound of the Temple. To our delight, we even met with The Chief Priest, Rev K.Dhammaratana Thera.

We were informed by the staff that the donated items will be sent to a Buddhist Temple in Johore for distribution, in that way the items will reach the victims' hands directly.

So, once again my dear FRIENDS, a big "THANK YOU" for your kind support. You have added hopes to a few helpless minds and brought sunshine into their lives. Let's pray that the grief they have endured in this flood will soon end and bless them with strength to carry on.

To you my friends, may your love and kindness toward others help to develop inner happiness and peace to you and your family !

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