Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Story of The Contented Angler

Once there was an angler fishing by the river bank, and he managed to catch a lot of fish. But each time he caught a fish, he will use a ruler that he brought along to measure its size. If the fish measures longer than the ruler, he will promptly release the fish back into the river.

His action has puzzled all the other anglers and one of them approached him and asked: "All of us here are hoping to have a big catch but why do you keep releasing the big fish into the river?"

The angler smiled and answered: "This is because my 'wok' at home is only the size of this ruler and it cannot put in fish that is longer than this ruler."

Moral of the story: Take only whatever is sufficient for you and do not greed for excesses. This is a virtue.

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