Wednesday, 21 March 2007


Last weekend when I disembarked from the LRT train at Bandar Tun Razak's station with my hubby, a blind man was walking ahead of us with his white stick. I was following very closely from behind "just in case he needs help". He had demonstrated a very stable walk all the way climbing up the stairs and exiting the automated ticketing machine without a hitch. I was kind of asking myself, how on earth that he knew every step of the way as if he has a normal vision while there were many stairways and escalators in the station which are not disabled friendly.

We reached our car after a short walk and the man continued with his journey. Moments later, I noticed a guy who appears to know him came towards him and took his hand and walked him towards the taxi stand which is directly opposite to the direction he was walking. He was originally heading towards the blocks of residential flat and I thought that he was going home...I dread to think what will happen to him if the kind samaritan did not lead him to his destination.

This incident had prompted me to find a way to help the blind, courtesy of the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled on ways of helping the blind in the public:

Explanations: Do not pull or push hard when helping him to walk. However, allow him to put his hands on your shoulder. This will make walking easier for him.

Explanations: Do not force him to sit down when leading him to a seat, but lead him gently to his chair.

Explanations: While leading him to a vehicle, guide his hands to the side door; alert him to the height of the car to avoid injury to his head.

Explanations: While leading him to an unfamiliar building, inform him about the traffic conditions and the special facilities on the roads, the possible obstacles and dangerous areas that might possibly be hazardous to him. This will enable him to become familiar with his new surroundings and help him to become more independent.

Explanations: If he is unable to see clearly the writings on the signboards, signposts and road signs, then read them for him if he asks you to.

Explanations: Never ever let him standing alone in the middle of the street or wait in an open field. Please find a safe wall or mainstay for him to lean on. Tell him where he is standing in order for him to feel secure.

Look out for article to help the hearing impaired people on my next blog…

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MJ said...

Thanks for posting these. Sometimes we would like to help but we don't know how to help them to their conveniences. This guide should be published in the newspapers too.