Saturday, 14 April 2007


This incident happened in Pandan Indah, KL. Where my old office was located. The place was extremely congested especially during lunch hours. I would not drive out for lunch as parking bays were scarce.

This lady went to the Hong Leong Bank in one afternoon and had purportedly parked her car into a bay reserved for the "Handicapped". It seems that it was the only space available. Knowing very well that she should not do what she had done, she approached two Enforcement Officers standing nearby if she could just leave the car there for a couple of minutes. The Officers did not say anything and she proceeded to purchase the parking tickets.

To her dismay, one of her car's tyres was clamped after returning from the bank in just less than 5 minutes.

She had to pay RM50 to the MPAJ Town Council for the fine and got the clamped wheel unlocked.

She raised this issue to a local newspaper's hotline as she felt that the Enforcement Officers were not being fair to her by given her consent and yet clamped her car while she walked away.

Is anyone taking her side?

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hcfoo said...

The lady definitely deserved to be clamped.