Sunday, 15 April 2007

Mom and Sis, I miss you both so dearly

The Chinese Ching Ming Festival (清明節) (All Souls Day)has passed for more than a week ago already. Ever since my mom and sister passed away, I will naturally dream of them whenever this day draws near, as though it's like a reminder to me and my brothers to visit their memorial places and pay our respects.

But this year was special. Due to unavoidable personal reasons, I would not be accompanying my brothers to pray for both of them. And this perhaps made me miss them even more ...

I know that to remember them in my blog has got nothing to do with helping the poor, the aged, the orphans and the underpriviledged, but I just can't help myself. Can you bear with me?

I had mentioned my mom in my earlier blog; That how her impaired hearing caused by an accident had inspired me to help the needy. But I did not talk about how she suffered from the deathliest fights with the most sickening killer in the world.

This ghostly "CA" ~ Liver Cancer disease has won the battle in just 3 months from the day we discovered that she was not well. She passed away in a fairly "young age" of 59. A year before we planned to celebrate her 60th birthday, a year before we planned to send her to visit the Great Wall of China, a year before we moved to a new house in Subang Jaya...a lot of things we wish we could do a year later...Does this sound punishing to all of us who did not appreciate the present? Why wait for things to happen and regret for the rest of your life?

My sweet sister succumed to yet another battle with breast cancer at a very young age of 32. That was almost 9 years ago and I can still recall every moment of the days before she departed. Her long fight with the illness had made all of us brothers and sisters treasured every breath we take. I miss her lovely smiles and her forever soft tone of voices. She used to be the only pair of ears who listened to my grouses and I used to be her bedside companion to listen to her faith in her God. Her heroic experience of combating the effects of cancer treatments with such confidence, perserverance and to a certain extend, grace, was all full of courage which has earned the utmost respects from people around her, family and friends alike.

I have lost two people that are closest to my heart due to CANCER. I vow to continue bringing up more Cancer Related issues to remind those who lacked awareness in doing medical check up to detect symptoms and signs that are developing in our bodies.


hcfoo said...

Looking forward to your posts on cancer.

MJ said...

Sorry to hear tat.. Sometimes it's a loss of someone special to us that makes us want to help more people.

Swiss Palma said...

hcfoo - will do. TQ for the link。
mj - thank you for you support!