Monday, 13 August 2007


A hundred years from now no one will remember
How much money I had in the bank
what kind of car I drove
or what kind of job I had.

But I will be remembered
as someone special
because I made a difference
in the life of a child.

Author Unknown


JiNG said...

yo good human.. this is the second blog i saw as really a helping blog.. nice one.. keep it up.. may i know what is ur belief? thanks..

Swiss Palma said...

Hi Jing,

Thanks for dropping by. I am keen to know what was the other blog that you mentioned? Perhaps we should link up.

BTW, I am not into any religions except "trying" to practice the Buddha's teaching. How about you?

LPPL said...

I like this blog as it is very heart warming, friendly and spiritual. I am sure all that you have done will be rewarded back some point in time.

Take Care