Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Compassion Home, Subang Jaya

My hubby and I share a common belief in teaching our juniors, that is to inculcate compassion and kindness in them from young. That is the guiding principle of our children's upbringing.

We celebrated Valerie's 2nd birthday at The Compassion Home in USJ, Subang Jaya this afternoon with 14 brothers and sisters together with the home caretakers, Mr George and Mdm Teresa.

It was a wonderful gathering in a simple way.

We were truly amazed by the well manners demonstrated by the boys and girls. All of them came upfront to introduce themselves and started playing with Valerie and the rest of the party's guests. A prayer was said by a 15 year old boy after the birthday song was sung and followed by a pre-packed Kentucky Fried Chicken lunch.

The home was so well kept with all the children taking turns to clean the place and help out in the kitchen work. Some volunteers from a nearby college come periodically to clean and maintain the garden and the buildings. With everybody's effort, they make the home a very warm and homely place. Both Mr George and Mdm Teresa deserve all the praises for instilling strict discipline and moral teachings to the children, who were deprived of parental love. Both of them wanted to see the children grow up to be independent person and a useful citizen to the country, their love to the orphans are never lesser than that of their own.

Before I conclude, I must give credit to the Taipan USJ KFC outlet Manager, En Adly for his generosity by offering 2 sets of complimentary value meals for the home out of the total 23 sets we purchased. Also, not forgetting to thank The Taipan USJ Berry Cake Shop for giving a 10% discount for the 2 cakes that we bought over the counter this afternoon. Although these offers are not significant to many, but honestly, it is not that easy to obtain support from vendors when you are doing it on a personal basis.

For those of you who wish to do the same, here are some general information in organising a small party at orphanages or old folks homes:

1. Call up the identified home and ask for their choice of meal. (Of course to work within your budget.)
2. Buy some gifts for the children/old folks
3. Buy a birthday cake
4. Buy drinks and tibbits
5. Order your meal
6. Bring balloons and party packs
7. Budget in the caretakers and your contingent's portion of food and beverage
8. Don't forget lots of love and smile

In our case, for a home with 14 children, we spent about RM500. Don't you think that this is a very meaningful way of having a birthday party?

The group photo session

The "contingent"

Hi there big brother, my name is Valerie

Each child will get a gift too...

and a bit more...

The children helped to set up the place

Great team work, blowing balloons to brighten up the Home

KFC ... yummy

Mr George, the Home administrator

and the home that can make you fall asleep there

Here is the contact

More about The Compassion Home:

Compassion Home is part of a larger family of Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.S and Grace Community Services Bhd (GCSB) since July 1, 2003. The chairman, Rev. Dr. Henry Ramaya is the visionary founder of GCSB - a charitable organization with various social works that include underprivileged children homes, a drug and alcoholic rehabilitation center, homes for homeless and women and unwed mothers, HIV and home for juvenile delinquents.
There are some ways that you can partner with Rumah K.I.D.S. to offer help and care for the children like giving donations in cash or in kind, providing a meal, offering free tuition and doing voluntary work at the homes.

For further enquiry, please contact:

Persatuan Rumah Kanak-kanak Ini Di Sayangi (Rumah KIDS)
7, Jalan Durian, Off Jalan Dato Dollah
41100 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel/Fax: 03-3373 3400

New Telephone Contact to The Compassion Home:
Mr George

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I wanna thank you for sharing this with us...
The idea of giving a visit is no doubt a good idea...
I have been wanting t0 do the same...

Keep up the good work!

-A person who believes in saving the world-