Sunday, 4 November 2007


<———— Moving House

Hi all,

The hectic schedule has taken a toll on my blogging .... I am going to miss blogging for a while as you can see from the above (thank you to fotosearch).

Am also getting very frustrated with my blog authority that has deteriorated from 362 to 12 now, which means my blog cannot reach people who are searching for information about the needy! I can see from the site meter that a lot lesser people are coming in from the google search engine when it used to be on a much higher traffic volume.

I am half disappointed and sad that my works are down the drain!

This is not about blogging for fame, this blog is about helping those who are waiting to be helped.

Can someone help me on this?


Anonymous said...

your writing is so touching..i think wut you are doing is the most meaningful way on using the internet..

may god bless you.


Angela Ferreira said...

I've done my part, I've added your blog to my blog links... what else could I do?

Swiss Palma said...

Thanks Angela, i will link you up too...

BabySashaNMom said...

You have done a good job! I have written your blog on my blah blogging and I will link up your blog too.

I am doing a sale on my e-store, 3%of my sale will go to unfortunate homes. I hv put ur link on my newsletter and hopefully more generous people can donate direct to them.