Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Left nose, right nose breathing therapy

Received an email from Ann yesterday, thought its very useful for people. Share it with you...

We have left, right nose, is that thesame for inhale and exhale?
Actually they are different, can feel the difference; right side represent the sun, left side represent the moon.

When having headache, try to close right nose and use your left nose to do your breathing, about 5 min, headache will be gone.

If you feel tired, do it the opposite round, close your left nose and breathe through your right nose. After a while, you will feel your mind is fresh again.

Right side belongs to heat, so it gets hot easily,


Most of the girls breathe with their left nose, so their heart gets cold easily.

Most of the guys breathe with their right nose, so they get angry easily

Doyou notice the moment we wake up, which side breathes faster? Left or right?

If left is faster, you will feel tired. So, close your left nose and use your right nose for breathing, you will get refresh quickly

This can be taught to kids, but the effect will be better if apply by elders.

I used to have headache, it was so painful, go to doctor, doctor told me: it will be all right if you married! (All audients laugh), doctor does not bullshit, what he said is supported with proofs.

That time, every night I am having headache problem, not able to study, I did take medicine, but that is not a good way.

One night, I sit down and close my right nose and breathe with left nose, less than one week, my headache problem is gone! I continue to do it one month, from that night until today, headache does not attack me anymore.

This is what I experienced myself, I told others, if headache, can try this way, because this is effective for me. Many people have tried and it works for them as well. This is a natural therapy, not like medicine, taking for long term will get side effect. So, why not try it out?

Always breathing your body can feel very relax.

The sentences below are some wishes from author. Wish everyone is well and healthy, and advice people must do good and act good J


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