Wednesday, 16 January 2008

So, my streamyx was fixed

So, there came two technicians after several calls and queue waiting at TM Points....

They fiddled about the telephone wire and my modem, then, they suspected it is my modem that's giving the problem, so they have to try using "their modem" for "a day or two" to confirm if my modem is faulty. Then, they said they will be back to check again.

Since that was the case, I did not want to take any chance and quickly went to Summit to buy one and the new one now is working just fine.

The irony part is, they never return since...10 days after the repair. Are they giving me "their modem" for free? I wonder...

Anyway, I have no time to worry about these trivial matters cos I have more pressing matters that happened to my family during these period of settling down at my new home.

Both my maid and son was suffering from Dengue attack last week, barely one month from the day we moved into this new home. Both of them were admitted to SJMC for a few days and it was a lucky thing that our decision to send them in early had shortened their agony, pain and suffering from this deadly mosquito virus. My maid had a milder attack with a few days of tremendous high fever, shivering cold and vomit, her condition improved and was discharged with platelet count at 96,000.

But my son was not that lucky, his platelet has dropped to 16,000 at one point and was warded to the HDU, and the Doctor ordered transfusion of 6 packets of platelets to revive him. The Doctor who treated him had warned me of the danger and how life threatening this virus can be if one's immunity is low. The whole family running tirelessly shuttling between home and hospital to ensure that he eats and drinks adequately to replenish the fluids much needed in this critical time despite being on drips. What a roller coaster week!

And now I am still in the middle of finding 4 more people to replace the blood "owed" to SJMC, any volunteers out there?

To those of you who are oblivious of Dengue Fever, here are some information that I can share with you.

To those who are staying around Subang Jaya, it is our responsibility to keep our home and the neighborhood clean to prevent the outbreak which is on high alert now.

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