Sunday, 2 March 2008

Zoo Volunteers, you are doing us proud!

The thought of bringing children to the Zoo can be very educational, one must agree, right? But you are very wrong.

Our pride were down the pits this morning when we visited our very own Zoo Negara in Ulu Klang with little Valerie. The place was literally unkempt from the moment we set foot until the moment we walked out. It gave people the feeling of filthy and full of fungus everywhere. From the "fungi-moist" stone chair that we sat down to feed Valerie milk till the road signs, rubbish bins, restaurant's table and chairs, they were all full of dirt and fungus, let alone the animals' enclosures.

The Zoo cannot even provide a decent place for us to have a proper meal. The "air-conditioned" restaurant we stepped in was not "air-conditioned" but the stench of ammonia gushed out from it put us off immediately. Then we walked to the nearby "open-air" restaurant, just take a look at the tables and chairs, the "out-of-order" children rides, 2 out of 2 that is, and the soiled tissues strewn around the wash basins, you simply can't blame us for feeling embarrassed sitting next to some foreign visitors. Where is our dignity?

The saving grace for the day was that we met up with a few groups of volunteers that came by providing their services to the Zoo. Saw them working full heartedly for a good cause, it should put someone responsible to shame, right?

Can you believe this bin is at the food serving place?

Is it very difficult to scrub off the road signages fungus?

Anyone care / dare to take a sit?

The broken table, chairs and children rides, all in one place...

Cleaners cleaners where are you?

A nice deserted hut with a piece of broken plank just next to the lake side

Thanks to this pothole, my hubby had a foot bath in it while he was busy taking pictures for us

Oh girls, you all certainly make this place livelier and cleaner, thumbs up to you, SMK Jalan Ipoh

Volunteers from Tunku Abdul Rahman College came in big force to help out the Zoo

In the act!

Our thumbs up gesture did help a little to drive them on

Keep it up, the future of our country!

You are doing Malaysia PROUD!

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