Sunday, 11 May 2008

You Made A Difference!

Some notes and presents from my children to share with all of you...but deep inside me, the cries for mummy from those orphans always lingering in my mind, that made this mother's day not a very interesting day.

Perhaps I am getting older by the day, all I pray for everyday is the safety and health for my family. Celebration on this kind of occasion does not seem to be much of a significant event anymore. Instead, I would prefer the world to rejoice "Parents'day" to honor both very important peoples in our lives.

But to my dearest and sweetest children, mummy appreciate the notes and presents from the bottom of my heart and you guys are the most wonderful kids in this world.

Remember, a person with a generous heart and compassion for all beings leads the most blessed life.

An e-card written in the cold winter from down under by Vivian....but delivered with loads of warmth feelings, mama loves it!

This cute little heart is from little Valerie, of course chosen by someone who paid for it la...thank you love

Both the card and this flour leave clover key chain were from Villi, for the first time paying from his own pocket! Wishing you luck in your SPM son.

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