Thursday, 24 July 2008

Recycle starts from home

Have you started practicing home recycling?

Home recycling requires only a trivial amount of time, but it offers tremendous benefits to all at home and the living environment. You will soon find out less household wastes going into the Alam Flora truck and you simply feel good to be one of the green lovers doing your part in cleansing this polluted earth,

It is very easy and all you need is to have a minimum 3 bins or plastic bags to separate the basic household wastes, i.e. plastic, papers,
aluminium and tins.

Before you get started, you have to visit the recycling centre nearest to your home and find out what materials they accept for recycling. Then you set up your recycling bins accordingly/correspondingly because that is the key element to the success of your efforts. Placing the bins in a proper area is also important. Suggestions - at the back of the kitchen,
airwell, garage or garden area (you can choose green colour bins to match your garden).

-Try using smaller bins so that it fill up fast and it is easy to cart away to the recycling centre.

-Label the bins so that materials are placed in the correct bin.

- Rinse the bottles and can tins before placing them into the bin. This will help the workers in the recycling station tremendously by reducing flies and maggots forming.
Recycling saves energy, landfill space and natural resources,

You can make a difference!

Contact your nearest Recycling Centres
or call up Buddhist Tzu Chi Merits Society :
  • KL - Ms. Tang - 03-58806682 (016-2219598)
  • Perak - Mr. Ng - 05- 2826115 (019-5115801)
  • Johore - Liew Su Thiam - 07-5545800 (012-7532725)
  • Penang - Teoh Paik Lim - 04-2286561 (012-4841009)
  • Sabah - Hilbert - 088 76 41
The society is actively involved in creating awareness among Malaysians on the benefits of recycling. They are currently collecting recyclable materials from various Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya residential areas on the 3rd Sundays of every month. The proceeds from the sale of these collections are then channeled to other worthy causes.

You can use either bins or plastic bags

Labels in Bahasa Malaysia so that my maid will know clearly what to throw inside

The three bins at my home that separate paper, plastic and aluminum cans/glass

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