Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Happiness comes from giving

To be able to give is a privilege, as the saying goes.

I am proud of you, fellow blog readers, friends and relatives. For, I have managed to achieve a total of RM6,000++ of donation from very kind hearted lots like you which I treasured most. This post is specially dedicated to YOU who made a difference!

Like I said in the previous post, given the present economy climate, not many are able or willing to fork out spare funds to help others. With little hope, we moved on with our plan to visit Taman Sinar Harapan KKB. Official approval letter from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat was obtained within a week and the rest was my duty to raise the money and finding participants.

Emails sent out, phone calls followed. Rejections were expected, excuses aplenty. My heart was halfway sinking ... until people like you came along and picked me up again. "Nothing is impossible", I told myself, just preservere and continue doing the necessary and help will come from up there, this has always been my belief.

The following are the list of all who have made generous donations for this trip which I want the world to know, that there are people like you who continue to give despite the present financial adversity, you all made a difference! I will always remember you and I wish you and all at home health & happiness always.

Contributions received from:

1. Mr Yong Chee Kin and friends RM600.00
2. Mr Steven Kok and family RM300.00
3. Ms Karen Kok and Baby Bryan RM100.00
4. Mr Ngo Choong Lek and family RM300.00
5. Mr Yap Yin Hong and family RM300.00
6. Ms Kelly Pang and friends RM300.00
7. Mr K.C. Yap and family RM300.00
8. Mr Chan Yoong Houng and family RM600.00
9. Mrs Chow RM200.00
10. Mdm Oon Hwang RM300.00
11. Mdm Nancy Kerk and family RM200.00
12. Mr Voon Siew Wah & family RM300.00
13. Mr Tai Koon Loon and family RM500.00
14. Mdm Agnes Chan ( Fellow blogger) RM300.00
15. Mr Max Yong and family RM300.00
16. Mr Bor Ngee Wha and family RM200.00
17. En Ali Amran Alias and friends (Blog reader who I'm looking forward to meet) will be joining us and bringing essentials too.
18. Ms Vivian and Mr Villi Geow who sponsored the token of appreciation to all participants
19. Mr Yap Yang, Mr Yap Liang and Ms Amy Ling who sponsored live fish for 20 orphans.
20. Mr Koo Liong Eng who donated one homecare bed at RM1000.
21. Mr Jason Bong and family who donated one microwave oven.

(The list is constantly updated as donations are still coming in as of today, Saturday 11 October 2008.)

With the above funds, we will channel to buying essentials requested by Taman Sinar Harapan, i.e. adult diapers, milo, milk powder, rice, cooking oil, soap powder, floor detergent, blankets, toilet rolls.

Look out for my next pictorial post on our outing, this Sunday.


agnes said...

you are most welcome and I think you have contributed even MORE than everyone does by running all these!!

jac said...

hey! I tried to email a few organizations but all the mails fail to be delivered. May I know if it's possible to conatct any orphanage homes or charity organisations via email?
have a good day.

Swiss Palma said...

I suggest that you call them via phone. It is more effective that way.


jac said...

owh thanks. Yeah, I know that is the simplest and most effective way. But I won't be back in Malaysia till beginning of December.