Tuesday, 3 February 2009

为善最乐 - Happiness is Giving

This is a blessed family:
Brenda with hubby, Sasha 4 yrs old and Myra 2 months old

I am blessed by God to know this family, especially Brenda, who is a kind lady with a heart of gold.

She continued with her unrelenting pursues of "soliciting" donations when everyone else was busy preparing for the Chinese New Year celebration. Brenda managed to collect another 9 bags full of usable clothes and shoes for the children of Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram after the last round of donation in January 2009.

It is an extraordinary effort in view of her having to juggle between her two children and her on-line business, but the thoughts of the unfortunates are always closed to her heart. I pray for many folds of blessings to her and family for all the good deeds she has done.

These are the goodies collected from her home and not forgetting;

friends who contributed to the cash donation. Thank you guys and may you be blessed with great health and happiness!

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Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Hey! Jenny, I'm paiseh lol.. I just do some small favor to help the unfortunate kids only. I hope I can do more than that..

I really appreciate you & your hub help coz you guys came all the way to my house to pick up the stuff from me and send to Sinthamani.