Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram - a second visit

This time we met Mr Praveendran in person.

He was busy chatting with a group of visitors at the living room. And I sort of "barged" in to greet him and requested for a photo taking opportunity with him. He gladly obliged while Thila was introducing me to him and relating to him my blog that she had shown him in the public library following our visit last month (they often use the facility in the library to check emails or browsing of internet.).

Praveendran recalled and thanked me for the help extended of which, I quickly brushed it aside with a signal of "ah, just a small thing". But deep inside, we all know how powerful it is when internet is put into good use...

We had a jolly good time with the kiddos. June, my sister-in-law joined us by giving Ang-pows to all at the home. And Vivian was busy checking out Pathmini, the little darling she got acquianted with the last time.

Overall, improvement was seen done to the home. Some volunteers came to clean up the surroundings and painted the planter boxes and extension work has since completed providing a new dining place. Tarring the road will soon begin. Meanwhile, the girls' dormitory is being expanded in order to accommodate more beds. Books and computers were in place, this shows that education is something Praveedran never compromised.

With the help of M.I.C in constructing a new premises, the overall hygiene of the place and well being of the children will soon be even better taken care of.

It is a picture of relief and is light at the end of the tunnel for Praveendran and his team.

In my personal opinion, Praveendran has put in his heart and soul into this place and we could witness this through the abundance of love and bonding demonstrated by the children.

No doubt that there are many ways to help Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram, but, I believe it only need one simple way, just give your unconditional blessing and support to Praveendran.

To reach the home:

Sithamani Divine Life Ashram

Rumah Kebajikan (ROC No. 001529609-H)

No:1112, Block 150
Lorong 5/160
Kawasan A, Rumah Panjang
Jinjang Utara
52000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-62504834
Mr Praveendran : 016-9046358


Thila accepting the cheque from June, my sister-in-law, giving the donation on behalf of Brenda and friends

Praveendran, me with little cutie pie and June

The joyous moment

The girls' room that is usually cramped with 12 girls in two bunk beds but soon will have a much bigger space

Pathmini, Vivian missed you so much

Read carefully...this is something precious and priceless

So cute...

New extension for the dining place

Goodies given by Brenda and friends

The only old folk in house

Your heart melt...for this sweet angel

You don't want to know her background, just pray for her future

Love has no boundaries, we wish you a bright future and stand up to become someone
You can make it, children!


Student from HELP college said...

Deeply inspired by your efforts.. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Truly inspiring and please continue your good deeds... we need more people like u in this world!