Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Help Mdm Soong Kam Suin from going blind

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Received an email from a friend, Jackie Lim this morning and the following was her description of Mdm Soong Kam Suin, who needs an additional RM17,000.00 to go thru an eye surgery to stop the bleeding and to avoid further damage to her eye sight:

"Mdm Soong is a mum of one of my friends. she is a cancer patient 10 yrs ago. Ever since then, she has been in and out of hospital due to low white blood cell. Tried many methods and still not giving up. She is single mother who brought up 2 kids. 1 boy and 1 girl. Would appreciate any amount of donation. Her contact # is 012-2203788".


Just spoken to Mdm Soong a while ago and she sounded calm and optimistic over the phone. She hopes that she can be wheeled in to the operations room by next month. Her eye sights is not doing good as she can't read my handphone numbers. So she jotted down on a paper and sent me her Bank Account Details:

Public Bank
Soong Kam Suin
PBB : 3078717324

Please help if you can, regardless the amount. God Bless all of you!


Jacqueline said...

Do you mind if I post this as a note in my fb wall?

Swiss Palma said...

Hi Jacqueline,

No worries, pls go ahead and TQ for your kind deed! God Bless you.

Looking for a car? said...

Take care madam u can get well soon!