Friday, 22 October 2010

World Vision Child Sponsorship Program

This is our adopted son/brother to our family. He is cute, adorable and with so much of kindness in his face.

Everyone got overwhelmed by the fact that he was born exactly on the day and year when I gave birth to Valerie. Do you believe that God has everything arranged for us? I do!

Somewhere back in 2005, SOE June Ju was destined to join us as one family, to have another two adopted sisters and brother in this part of the world. This is the power of the Almighty.

From hundreds of poverty stricken countries in this world, World Vision handpicked this child and send him over to us. We believed that he was heaven sent. Vivian from Australia was excited about it and wanted to call him only Ju. Perhaps when Vivian goes to Thailand this holiday break, she should en route to Myanmar to pay him a visit! :p

Villi announced to the world over his FB that he's got a new adopted brother, minus a mole.

Valerie was a bit puzzled with the day they both share, :) She will now have to send a birthday card while celebrating her own!

I thank you World Vision for this meaningful gift that not only strengthened our family relationship but also teaching my children the love and compassion in helping others.

Like what the World Vision Child sponsorship guidebook says;

"Your sponsorship helps to build crucial cornerstones that allow a community to rise above poverty and children to pursue their dreams. The end result is a self-sustaining community that is free from the crutches of long-term aid and hand-outs. When you sponsor a child, not only is the child's life changed, but yours as well!"


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