Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Make a Donation to help JAPAN


World Vision has declared a global response to the Japan Quake
and Tsunami with its offices worldwide working to raise USD10
million to finance the massive relief response.

Malaysians interested to help the survivors of the Japan Quake,
can do so by donating to World Vision's Japan Quake/Tsunami
Fundraising effforts. Please indicate "Japan Quake/Tsunami"
behind your cheque and on this donation form. You can also follow
updates via our Facebook.

Official News release - English | Chinese || Other payment modes

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) - English | Chinese

*Disclaimer: World Vision does NOT make telephone calls
to solicit funds for our work. If you are unsure of emails or
sms received, please contact World Vision at 03-7880 6414
to clarify. We do not tolerate scams that misuse the name
of World Vision for their own purposes. Thank you.


from worldvision facebook:

As of yesterday, 22 March 2011 - Your generous donations have helped us raised RM105,445 (appx USD 34,000) to help in relief efforts to Japan! THANK YOU! We are closer to achieving World Vision Malaysia's pledge to raise USD50,000

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hi, very glad to hav an access to ur blog through google search, ur blog really provided us a lot of useful info, u seem to be very actively involved in charity works, may i know if u're in a society / organisation or something like that? looking forward to more chances of serving the other but am facing transportation limitation problem. hope to get more info from you.
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