Monday, 14 May 2007


What are they trying to prove?

A local daily today carried this picture that almost caused my glasses to drop! A beach resort in the west coast of Malaysia "THREW" some 20,000 apples into its swimming pool to create the national record of "The Most Number of Apples Used in Spa Therapy"!

OMG, did the minds of these smart geniuses behind this so called "project" ever thought of those poor people around Malaysia, not to mention the World, who are starving for food? Let alone having the luxury of apples as their dessert...

What are you going to do to those precious apples after this? Let them rot or throw them into the sea?

Please, people, please, have a heart for those who are waiting to be helped. This is a pure waste of food for a publicity campaign.


MJ said...

Just goes to show that the biggest, longest, whatever-est sometimes is just to pretend Malaysians are smart. *shake head*

KL said...

false sense of achievement ... nothing great at all, just a cheap PR stunt.

kumegis said...

what is wrong with these ppl ... disgusting