Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Tee Hui Yee is in the news again today, how I wish to read that she is finally going into the operation theatre to fix her heart. But the news is otherwise... 243 days have passed since the Sept 29, 2006 operation and there’s still no
. Tee Hui Yee is on the verge of giving up hope.

My heart is heavy as I write this message to all readers over the world. This is the third time I blog about her plights, can anyone help? Perhaps by just clicking and send this page link to all your friends out there? Maybe, maybe there is one lucky star strike on it and brings back good news to her? I pray for miracles to happen...

"She is beginning to believe that she’s not going to make it," said Dr Mohamed Ezani Md Taib, IJN consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and director of the mechanical heart programme.

After yet another round of fever caused by infection, she is loaded with antibiotics and has lost 10kg in the past 6 weeks and only weighs 31.7kg now. A feeding tube is inserted to make sure she gets the nourishment that she needs. She is a picture of gaunt.

Never give up, my dear, you may not know us, but do you know that the whole world is behind you?

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