Saturday, 9 June 2007


Though this time is nothing relevant to helping people, but I can't help myself but to put this journal in my blog, to let out my frustration, so to speak...

We just touched down this morning from Gold Coast, Australia. It was a family holiday that was planned two months ago with so much preparations but sad to say it's one holiday that went awry.

What had sent us all to hell was that my little 2 year old darling girl who fell sick on the day before the departure! The "Nightmare" that I dreaded most! As the weather in Brisbane is turning cold in June, we have tried so hard to condition her since two months ago to prevent this from happening (no swimming, no junk food, lesser trips to shopping centres etc).

To make matters worse, due to the travelling logistics, it will take us almost 12 hours to arrive at Brisbane from KL at about 11.00pm and then follow by another 1.5 hours' car ride to Gold Coast, which means that we could only be expected to check-in to our hotel at 12.30am the earliest! Can anyone imagine having a child's temperature risen to 40.1 celcius at the airport on arrival in the cold winter night?

Upon arrival at the Brisbane Airport and when we put her into her car seat, she was motionless and when I put her head up right, her eye balls simply just rolled up! That was such a scary moment!. We insisted that the lady driver pulled over to the road shoulders and I started immediately to administer the double dosage of medicine by inserting the suppository paracetamol to her and also oral ibuprofen. After a good sweat, her temperature had subsequently gone down to about 38c.

That was not all, our horrible in-flight experience was the most torturing part. Given the first row of seats does not make things better. I was almost on my feet facing the wall carrying my sickly darling for 5 hours in the whole 7 hours flight from KL to Sydney! Can you picture a wailing child crying on top of her lungs and not letting me sit down and only wanting me to cradle her? On top of that, a man behind us "shoooo" us for the noice that she made. That left us no where to turn to. One of the stewardesses was kind enough to only allow us one time using of their seats for feeding her medicine, she then quickly drew the curtain and put up the sign -"for business class only" to the area we thought could be more condusive. The last resort, we fed her water and medicines in the tight aircraft lavatory, literally!

Her condition did not improve in the night at the hotel with her temperature rising up to 39.8 celcius, we had no choice but to call in the doctor to our room at 5am. Without a clue where the hospital is, we were even mentally preparing ourselves to admit her to the hospital the moment the Doctor advises us to do so. Thank God, after examination, the kind Phillipino Doctor re-assured us that everything will be fine and she should recover in a couple of days with the medications that we brought along. Boy, that was the most comforting words to hear!(No hospital, no drips, what a relief!) And, you can conclude from here that the holidays is about medicine and rest, yes, plenty of rests.

What disappointed me and my husband most from this episode here was that, this entire ordeal was simply "undue" and is completely avoidable!

It started a week ago with my little darling's granny, who was having a bad sore throat and had all the signs of a bad flu coming, which we didn't know and she did not warn us of. She continued to cuddle her most nights when we returned home. She only sent out signals of her flu 2 days prior to our departure and on the morning before we left for work, she said that she was not giving a goodbye kiss to the baby as her throat was bad, and she reminded us to prepare medicine before leaving for Australia. My heart almost dropped upon hearing this and ever since then, I was so worried and kept praying that for "the worst thing" won't happen. Until she threw up in the afternoon of the day before our departure for no apparent reason, and the body temparature read 38.3 celcius, all hell broke loose!

After a round of helter-skelter to the pediatrician and the Doctor giving us the all clear for baby to travel (with accompanying medications and antibiotics of course), we took on the roller coaster journey...

MY DARLING VALERIE AFTER THE TRIP, The result of No solid food for a week!


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