Wednesday, 27 June 2007


This morning saw my son blogged this, just want to share it with you:

Happy Bday =D

Happy Birthday Mama. =DD

Its been, lemme count, ... erm..*calculator*
16, rite?
wait, 2007-1991 = 16, oh wait, YEAP.

sudah 16 tahun Ibuk menjaga anakmu.
tanpa berbelah kasih,
mungkin terlalu pantas masa berlalu,
Ibuk masih memanggil saya "Baby",
Tidaklah rasa "geli" pun,
gembira mahupun sedih Ibuk masih berada di sana,
kata-kata ku masih tidak mencukupi menggambarkan pengalaman yang dilalui bersama.
tertanya kenapa bercakap dalam Melayu?
Entahlah, =DD
Hari Lahir disambut bersama-sama pada hari yang sama.
Mungkin, Ibuk adalah hadiah kepada saya setiap tahun,
Itupun sudah mencukupi.

Terima Kasih Ibuk.

Villi Geow 26/6/07

and, my reply is:

A Mother's Mixed Emotions

How does a Mother let go
Of the children that she's borne
How does she let them know
That her heart can be so torn.

To keep them by her side
Would not be just or fair
And let them have a free ride
Would mean she doesn't care.

She knows she taught them well
And that they know right from wrong
Now...only time will tell
If they can be as strong.

But watching them go through the door
Makes her feelings sway
She must cover the tears...and more
And pray for them each day.

(c) Melissa Simpson All Rights Reserved

Mama loves you all always! and Happy Birthday to us too!

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kumegis said...

Happy birthday 2u swiss palma ... may you and yr son be blessed with happiness and health always.