Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Recently I have been receiving news about people suffering from heart related diseases. One of them happened to be my own brother. He is in his early fifties with three college going kids. Kind of young for a man to suffer from heart attack isn't it?

We realised that he was getting tired very easily these days and had both puffy eyes that looked like the pandas. Suspecting of some kind of unwell, he tried many times running up the stairs trying to buy some comfort that he is physically OK. Until of late, his company's medical benefits sent him for a full medical check-up which brought him this latest news to the family.

Well, he is not that ill as a matter of fact, he is still active and hopping about. He was only being diagnosed with 3 artilleries blocked in his heart. (Yes! We only have 3 artilleries and all THREE of his are blocked!) and he stands a 50% chance of getting a heart attack anytime.

We have concluded that the main reason for this "pre-mature" disease came knocking at his door was his bad diet habits. A very carnivore human in nature, his diet cannot live without "pork". Chunks of "bak kut teh " (pork leg cooked in herbal soup, famous in Klang town, not far away from where he lives.) used to be his favourite food. With cholesterol reading at 7.5 without medication, one is not surprised a heart attack can happen anytime to him.

Now that he is on a month long medication while awaiting to perform the Angiogram, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the basic tips on the daily healthy eating plans in exchange for a healthier life and at the same time lowering the risks of heart related diseases and strokes.

> Choose food that are low in fat; saturated fats ~ use olive oil or canola oil for cooking
> Eat more grain products ~ use brown rice instead of white rice
> Eat high fibre vegetables ~ serve at least two types of vegetable during each meal
> Eat beans, lentils, peas and tofu ~ make multi beans soup
> Choose fish over poultry
> Eat more fruits
> Eat plenty of oats, barley and cereals
> Less sugar in drinks and food
> Moderate salt intake ~ use herbs and spices to flavour food

> Bacon, sausages, Chinese sausages, luncheon meats, frankfurters, canned meats
> Caviar, oyster, squids, shrimps
> Duck meat
> Roasted pork
> BBQ meats
> Chicken skin
> Butter or margarine

The keyword to the principle healthy diet is "MODERATION". Remember there is no good or bad food, only bad eating habits. All food can fit into your eating plan, just don't over indulge.

Not forgetting, I have been receiving this diet and fitness tips in my mail box daily which was very beneficial and I would like you to have it too.

Heart With Muscle Damage and a Blocked Artery

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