Monday, 18 June 2007



Greeting us upfront was a teenage boy at the gate and we then met with the home administrator, Mr Baskin. A very nice gentleman, who work fulltime at the centre and has dedicated his heart and soul to care for a total of 138 "unwanted special kids".

Sadness overwhelmed me when I saw lying on the floors were the children suffered from severe
, a multiple sickness that causes limbs to shrink, motoring disorder tasks such as trouble with walking and uncontrollable writing motion of hands or drooling. Most of them are
from brain damage and with impaired vision or hearing.

While I sat down listening attentively to Mr Baskin's explanation on each child's condition, suddenly I felt one hand slipped inside my tummy and was groping around for some kind of touch. When I turned around and saw this boy lying in a fetal position with his eyes shut behind me, he held my fingers and wouldn't want to let go. He was yearning for a tender touch, he could not see, he could only feel his surroundings. Tears gathered in my eyes and my heart melted. Who is there to give him a hug? Who says that these little human here have no feelings?

According to Mr Baskin, most of the parents would not return to see these unfortunate children after leaving them behind at the centre. Some of them even have the heart to instruct the centre to just "burn them" if they die. I ask God, what have become of this society? Where are these parents' conscious? Can they sleep well at night? Aren't these children their own flesh and blood too? What sins have these children committed last life that have brought them to this world with such harsh punishments?

According per Mr Baskin, these children may not live long. In fact, most of them could barely make it through to their late teens. In this short journey of life that is full of sufferings, I pray to God, please relieve them from pain, relieve them from missing their parents, relieve them from loneliness, and relieve them from the desire of walking. Grant them peace in their hearts, shower them with love from kind people that visit them, bless the home with sufficient funds to continue this noble task of caring for them.

What more can we do to help?

Take a deep breath,

and pray for them...

No words can describe my feelings now, I will be back...

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