Monday, 24 November 2008

Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang, Selangor

Arrived at the home in time for afternoon tea with all the uncles and aunties.

The cooling, clean and quiet environment was just perfect to laze around.

An old aunt was in the mood to "entertain" me with her Opera Song with cheers coming from her mates, both male and female. One great scenario that made this a special place compared to other old folk homes is, all residents are living in cordial and happy atmosphere.

They split their daily chores evenly, from sweeping the floors, to wiping tables and chairs, or even as kitchen helpers to the Indonesian maid who was hired to take care of them.

Their contributions to the home are the results and hardwork of Wendy Yap, the home founder and a social worker who advocates healthy living and positive thinking lifestyle.

She had also contributed tremendously in the name of welfare for the local folks in Kajang, Selangor for the charitable works involved in drug addicts, single mothers, orphanages, down syndrome and the disabled.

By chipping in their help, these residents in Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang can also keep their body healthy by doing exercises and fill their mind and time by helping the household chores thus keeping the doctors away at this golden age.

Some of the residents who look perfectly normal but are suffering from Alzheimer and tend to wander around at times. One good example was the "Amma" who sang me the Opera Song, did you see any abnormality in her from the video posted above?

Alzheimer is one most dreaded and destructive diseases among old people. Therefore, doing light housework, gardening, playing mahjong (a game most Chinese like to play) or sudoku, singing and dancing are some of the ways proven effective to help prevent it from eating into the memory of our loved ones.

At this tough economic times, please help the home to tie thru this financial crisis if you can.

You may contact Ms Wendy Yap at : 012-2380043 for any form of contribution (cash, in-kind or volunteering work) possible.

A big thank you to all!


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