Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Washing cars for a good cause

This is an excerpt ion from the Star Newspaper yesterday:

Calling all charitable bloggers, and those who just love a splashing good time.

The All Malaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP), in collaboration with Star-Motoring, presents the Splashing Charity Car Wash in aid of HOSPIS Malaysia.

The event will take place at Leo Auto Services (Kia Service Centre) located along Old Klang Road on Dec 13 & 14, and will require a good number of bloggers to help out. That is to say, we’re looking for total of about 30 to 40 volunteers to lend a helping hand for this two-day event. You can choose to volunteer for either one day or both.

By volunteering, you’ll be helping out the good folks from HOSPIS Malaysia who are doing a great deal in alleviating the pain associated with life-limiting diseases/conditions such as cancer, AIDS, etc.

And what is it that you’re required to do? Well, to get straight to the point: you’ll be washing cars. If you don’t want to get wet, you can place yourself under the vacuuming crew, or the traffic management team.

Goodie bags will be given out on the days concerned, so you won’t go back empty-handed. There will also be a lucky draw at the end of each day on both days; a Gandalf Wizard Hat and a Marvel Trivia Game being the prizes.

Gandalf wizard hat marvel trivia game

Think of this event as a gathering of bloggers where you get to make new pals. Think of it as a great story for your blog. Think of this as an opportunity to make a change in somebody’s life.

NOTE: If you would like to contribute by buying a ticket (worth RM20), please contact Hospis Malaysia at 03-9133 3936 or 016- 318 3822. Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the event.

For further enquiries please call 03-7967 1388 ext 1118 (Michael), or ext 1104 (Andy), or leave a comment at the AMBP Editor's Note.

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