Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Update from Singapore

Singapore Civil Defence Force rescue workers climb the spokes towards a passenger capsule to rescue passengers trapped in the Flyer.

An overjoyed family of 13 from Kuala Lumpur after reaching the ground safely

Abseiling down from above

Hubby "bundled" me into the car yesterday and headed to his sister's place in Singapore for Christmas. At first I tried to refuse to tag along due to the injury, but since I am not 'productive' in taking care of the household chores with a limping leg, that left me not much choice but to follow.

The weather has been chilly since we arrived in Singapore last night. Rain begin pouring at pre-dawn and drizzle followed all morning. Working on my laptop in the corner of the house had me feel like a winter Christmas.

Open up the newspaper, it sent a cold chill down my spine after seeing these pictures, cause I was thinking to have my mother-in-law try out the Singapore Flyer this time as we experienced it during our previous visit here.

For the full stories on what happened to Singapore Flyer yesterday, pls read here.

Not forgetting to wish my fellow readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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