Sunday, 14 December 2008

Life without limbs

Vivian just sent me this article saying that this man is a miracle to many.

Life is certainly getting tougher these days. News of people committing suicide due to financial burdens are on the rise. How many of us are getting the motivation needed to face the everyday challenges?

Nick Vujicic, who hails from Melbourne, Australia, is with his team touring around the world inspiring people to confront situations and deal with them instead of surrendering oneself. He demonstrated to people how he could pick himself back up by propping his head on a book after falling down. Many who heard his speeches were reduced to tears and begin to feel that what they are going thru now are nothing compared to Nick's life experiences.

Nick Vujicic is telling the world : No arms, no legs, no Worries!

I am a little disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to catch him in person....cause his Malaysia stop was on 13th December 2008.

Nick on Last Leg of the 2008 World Tour

On the 13th of December Nick and the team flew to Malaysia for the last stop on their 2008 World Tour. Nick is looking forward to his last few speaking engagements before heading home to spend the holidays with his family.


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