Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Feels Like Only Yesterday

Dearest Mum and Sis
Christmas celebration 21 years ago
Family outing like this was a weekly affair
p/s: Both cousins, Vivian and Yap Yang are now 22 years old!

Feels Like Only Yesterday

Mum and Sis,
I believe you are up there guarding over me,
We have not really left each other behind,
Your kind words and sweet voices still linger on,
Remembering two of you have become my daily chore,
Unaware that it has been a long eighteen years,
It was just like only yesterday.

Mum and Sis,
May your souls rest in peace,
And I believe,
Someday we will meet again.

~ with love and fond memories
Ching Ming - 2009

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