Saturday, 21 March 2009

Oh My, youngman

Today we were all dumbfounded by this Perodua's salesman near my residential area.

This story is very brief:

My family went to this showroom to buy a MyVi car for my son. Carried with us was a cheque book ready to put in deposit to buy from whoever 'will' serve us.

My hubby : Excuse me, can I take a look at your 1.3 ezi model?
Salesman: Sure, sir.
My hubby : you give discount if we buy from you here? Because the other showroom near my workplace do extend some discount.
Salesman: Sorry sir, we cannot give you discount.
My hubby: Are you sure? cos we really wanted to buy.
Salesman: No sir, if you think you can get discount at other place, please go there, I cannot give you any discount here.
He then show us the way out! and we walked into our car in silence...

We ended up buying the car at the Perodua dealer near my hubby's workplace an hour later which is only 20 minutes drive from my house.

You tell me.

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