Thursday, 12 March 2009

Something to Commemorate

Today was very special to me.

It was almost a miracle.
Villi passed his SPM.
Mind you, with flying colours! By my standards.

One year round of fetching him to tuition, yelling on top of my lungs to:

~ Stop the computer games!
~ Wake up for tuition!
~ Go eat!
~ Take your vitamins!
~ Sleep early!
~ Keep yourself healthy!

has finally paid off. Phew!

The nightmare of having him to re-sit for another year was finally over. Tears dwelling in my eyes when he hugged me with the result slip in the school compound. I suddenly feel that my shoulders were almost weightless. 17 years of responsibility were eventually released. God, I need time to rejoice!

Congratulations to you, my Bao Bei.

p/s: Sorry son if mama made you look bad but I just can't help to think of the worst were great and you are!


vivian said...

Hahaha mi you know this is the 1st time I'm reading this. Thought it was funny when u said 'by my standards'..C'mon, this villi geow sure got hope wan..what you think ah? Our house got more than one genius u know.. ahem. Haha!

Swiss Palma said...

Hi Van, mama don't usually go round bragging about my jewels at home...but I am sure very proud of you both! Keep it up my dear children.