Friday, 30 October 2009

Spastic Children Association of Selangor & Federal Territory (SCAS&FT)

The Association manages a Spastic Centre which provide free transport, education and treatment (Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy) for over 250 children living in Selangor and Federal Territory at the cost of about RM2.0million a year.

Spastic Children are admitted at an early age. Parents are encourage to bring their children as early as possible (including babies). Children of schooling age are admitted at the school section while younger children are given outpatient preatment. The school section carries out both teaching and extra curricular activities including sports concerts, swimming, outings, horse riding, gardening and needle work. Young adults are employed in the sheltered workshop. The Association runs a fleet of 7 vehicles to transport the children from their homes to the Centre and vice-versa.

The Association provides ample opportunities for the spastic children to participate in sporting activities. The children have excelled in nationa,regional and international sports meets including the Paralympics, Far East amd South Pacific Games For the Disabled, World (Robin Hood) Games For Cerebral Palsy, Singapore National Sports for the Disabled and our own National Sports for the Disabled.
To cope with future needs, the Association is moving on to its next phase of redevelopment. Plans have been drawn up to demolish the old building and replace it with a six-storey administrative and classroom block, including additional parking.

The effectiveness of teh Association depends on public support. You can help to provide hope for the Spastic Children by becoming a regular donor or sponsor, and also a volunteer.

The Association gets financial assistance from the Department of Social Welfare but fimds are mainly derived from generous donations from public and other fund-raising activities. Members of the public and firms are encouraged to participate in the 'Sponsor-A-Child Scheme' by donating RM3,600.00 a year. A major fundraising event is the Annual Charity Walk/Jog/Wheel-A-Thon where all welfare-based NGOs are invited to participate. This fund-raising event was started in 1994 and has become a flagship fund-raising and participation event with able-bodied participating alongside the disabled.

To contact Spastic Children Association of Selangor & Federal Territory:

14, Lorong Utara A
46700 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-79550296, 03-79582393
Fax: 03-79567511

A meaningful quotation...
"Money in the bank is but a mere number

Money in the safe,
you cannot take along with you

But when you donate for a good cause

It will be duly registered under the
watchful eyes of the Almighty God"

Join us this coming 12th November,2009 (Thursday) to visit SCAS&FT to support the Spastic Redevelopment Program, "Your Contribution = Their Hope"

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